Attention Cubicle Cupids: The 2019 Office Romance Survey Results Are In!

by Vault Careers | February 14, 2019

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Attention Cubicle Cupids: The 2019 Office Romance Survey Results Are In!

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Let’s Talk About You and Me…

Of our 700+ survey participants, approximately 42% have never engaged in an office romance. The participation trend seems to grow as people grow older, however—30% of respondents aged 18-21 have participated in an office romance, which jumps to 72% of respondents over 50.

We asked our respondents if they’d intentionally avoided office romances—and only 37% have! Here’s what some people had to say:

“Every fiber of my being tells me ‘do not pursue office romances.’ And yet, every time I'm in a situation where I feel as if there may be a connection, I don't cut it off.”

“There was no policy against office romances and it started in the neutral environment, was welcomed by both people involved, and ended smoothly the moment I left the job willingly. Both of us found some amusement in that relationship but started dating [other people] right afterwards. Indeed, the best-case scenario.”

“[A coworker and I] were mutually attracted, but I was concerned that if we connected then broke up, it would permanently damage my standing in the organization. It was a small, well-networked organization where coworkers and management needed to think well of you if you wanted to get anything done."

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It’s Valentine’s Day, and love is in the air! This year, more than 700 people participated in our annual Office Romance Survey. Scroll through our slideshow to see what people think (and say!) about workplace love.

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