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startup meeting

3 Things You Need to Know Before Joining a Startup

Working at a startup can be exciting....

startup office

4 Questions to Ask When Interviewing with a Startup

A job at a startup can be exciting, scary, and fulfilling. Interviewing for one is a similar journey....

open office plan

5 Lifestyle Issues to Consider Before Working in IT

When it comes to working in information technology, some aspects of the lifestyle are exactly what you expect, while others...

drone pilot

6 New Tech-Related Roles in the Evolving Insurance Industry

Technology is rapidly transforming the insurance industry....

american flag

Which Companies Offer Paid Time Off on Election Day?

Nearly 60 percent of voting-eligible Americans didn't vote in past elections, 35 percent of whom said that scheduling...


The 7 Skills You Need to Get Hired Over a Robot

According to a recent study of 2,000 U.S....

black mirror

How to Save Your Career When AI Kills Your Job

If someone tells you they're sure that when artificial intelligence has infiltrated every corner of our working lives there...

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