Faith Livermore

Faith Livermore

After two years in BigLaw and four years at a midsize firm doing mostly M&A work, Faith decided to throw caution to the wind and quit her job to travel. She currently spends her winters working at the midsize firm as a temp attorney, and the rest of the time exploring the world. She has a JD from Georgetown Law and a BS in Psychology from the University of Florida.

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How to Survive a Meeting as a Junior Associate

by Faith Livermore  |  June 29, 2016

One of the things that really drew me to my first, Biglaw law firm was the setup of its impressive conference rooms. The firm lives high in the sky, 30+ stories up and occupying several floors of one of New York's tallest skyscrapers. Almost every floor has a conference room on both the north and south side, and each conference room is bordered by walls of glass that allow you to look all the way from the elevator banks in the center of the building, through the hallway, and through the... Read More >

The Personal Items You Need at Your Desk

by Faith Livermore  |  April 08, 2016

You did it! You're a lawyer, and you've got a job! Whether you have your own office or a cube, you hopefully have at least one drawer for your personal belongings. Assuming that your place of employment has been kind enough to supply you with office supplies (not necessarily a given, but most legal jobs are at least good for some pens and paper), here are a few suggestions of items to fill that special drawer and make your li Read More >

The Art of Writing a Law Firm Email

by Faith Livermore  |  March 29, 2016

The first email you write to a partner in a law firm is nerve-wracking. The first email you write to an entire distribution list, with partners and clients and opposing counsel and their opposing clients, is terrifying. You will make mistakes. You will forget to actually attach your attachments. You will panic. You will realize that you are a fraud and that someone must have paid off the dean to graduate you out of law school. Of course neither of those things are true (probably), but you... Read More >