Glenn Laumeister

Glenn Laumeister

Glenn founded CoachMarket on the premise that the one-size-fits-all career advice industry that is the norm today does not meet the needs of business professionals.  Today’s job market, characterized by rapid change, disruption and the obsolescence of the traditional career ladder, presents challenges unique to each individual.  People have different career paths, personalities and personal situations.  And unique situations require custom tailored solutions. CoachMarket professional career coaches offer these solutions.

Glenn has a wealth of career experience spanning large companies like GM and successful entrepreneurial ventures. Along the way he has been guided by professional career and executive coaches who helped map out his career path and gave him the tools to achieve his career goals.  These life-shaping experiences were the impetus behind the founding of CoachMarket.

A serial entrepreneur and CEO, Glenn has launched and scaled numerous E-commerce businesses including Thuzio, a freelancer marketplace for professional athletes, and, an E-commerce and supply chain business for consumer electronics, computer and appliance replacement parts.  He co-founded PartStore and grew from an idea to over $75m in revenue. The Company’s awards included the INC 500 list, Deloitte’s top 500 growth businesses nationally, and he was selected as an Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the year finalist.

He graduated with a BA in International Relations and German from Colgate University, and received an MBA from the Thunderbird School of Global Management. A recognized thought leader, Glenn has published articles on careers in ForbesInc and other publications.

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The job market is much better today than it's been in quite a while. If you're in the middle of a career change, you can take advantage of this uptick in the economy to set up your success. This means interview skills and proper career planning are more essential than ever for that clutch moment you capitalize on your career. However, most jobseekers are lacking in one or both of those crucial areas. That's where career coaches come in. Here are the top 5 reasons for why n Read More >

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