Mary Kate Sheridan

Mary Kate Sheridan

Mary Kate is Vault's Senior Law Editor. She holds a JD from Columbia Law School, an MFA in Creative Writing from The New School, and a BA in English from Mary Washington College. Mary Kate covers legal careers, the legal industry, and general career advice. Previously, Mary Kate worked as a litigator at a Vault 100 law firm.

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Key Steps Toward Self Compassion for Lawyers & Law Students

by Mary Kate Sheridan  |  April 22, 2019

Whether it's law school finals breathing down your neck, the impending recruiting season jittering your nerves, the never-ending billable piling up, or competition over a coveted lateral spot-the legal industry is overflowing with stress. And for the type-A personalities often attracted to the profession, such stress can make law students and lawyers harder on themselves.  But sometimes what we need the most is to be compassionate to ourselves. In other words, we need to give ourselves a... Read More >

Decoding Legal Industry Surveys

by Mary Kate Sheridan  |  April 11, 2019

The legal industry has myriad surveys that aim to give greater insights into law schools and law firms. But how do these surveys differ and what kinds of information and trends do they unveil? This week at the NALP Annual Education Conference in San Diego, three industry experts discussed these questions and more at the panel, Asked and Answered: Media Surveys Decoded. The panelists included Vault's own Claudia Grillo, Breaking Media's Brian Dalton, and Chambers Associate's Antony Cooke.... Read More >

Which Legal Practice Area Is Right For You?

by Mary Kate Sheridan  |  April 01, 2019

Deciding to go to law school is one thing; selecting what type of law to practice is an entirely different matter-and a confusing one at that. If you're not quite sure which firms excel in your desired practice area or even what the differences between certain practice areas are, you're not alone. In fact, I was on a panel last week on law firm recruiting, and the most-asked question I received afterward was how to research practice areas. As a law student, you want to sound informed about... Read More >

Alternative Summer Opportunities for Law Students

by Mary Kate Sheridan  |  March 25, 2019

So, you didn’t snag a summer associate spot at your target law firm or a coveted internship at your dream nonprofit? Chin up. While a prestigious summer gig has its benefits, there are plenty of alternative opportunities that can make your 1L or 2L summer worthwhile and provide useful experience for your future legal career. With April around the corner, it’s time to nail down your summer plans—check out some of our suggestions below. Keep studying—but not law. Read More >

Selecting the Right Law Firms for OCI Bidding

by Mary Kate Sheridan  |  March 20, 2019

Bidding on law firms for on-campus interviewing can be an overwhelming process. Many law students are entering the legal world for the first time, and firms can start to look the same as you try to whittle them down to your top choices. Not to mention, the pressure to choose the best firm from which to launch your legal career is tremendous. But with some planning, researching, and networking, the interview bidding process will be a lot less stressful. Below are some tips for narrowing your... Read More >

Legal Summer Gigs: 14 Internship Opportunities for Law Students

by Mary Kate Sheridan  |  March 04, 2019

Despite a very snowy start to March, warmer weather and sunny skies are just around the corner. And for law students, that means one thing: a summer internship. Opportunities for 1L and 2L summer are somewhat limitless-from law firm summer associate positions to in-house internships to nonprofit roles and more. Summer internships offer law students opportunities to explore various areas of the law and see what path will be the best for their careers. But a summer job isn't going to simply... Read More >

The BigLaw Glass Ceiling: Insights from Female Associates on Career Advancement

by Mary Kate Sheridan  |  February 13, 2019

Last week, The New York Times published an opinion piece by Lisa Damour titled "Why Girls Beat Boys at School and Lose to Them at the Office." In the article, Damour notes that while girls do better than boys in school, men fill almost all of the "top positions" at the biggest companies. She posits that hyper-conscientiousness puts girls ahead in school but may harm them in the work force. She also suggests that the school environment may build confidence for boys but not f Read More >

Legal Networking Beyond LinkedIn

by Mary Kate Sheridan  |  February 04, 2019

Networking is an invaluable tool in building your legal career. And in this digital age, lawyers and law students frequently rely on tools like LinkedIn to find and foster their connections. While social media and online resources should absolutely be part of your networking strategy, they shouldn't be the only strategy. Below are three ways that lawyers and law students can network beyond their computer screens.Get involved with your local bar association.If you want to find a large group... Read More >

Juggling Work & Baby: An Interview with Lori Mihalich-Levin, Founder of Mindful Return

by Mary Kate Sheridan  |  January 30, 2019

New parents may feel a myriad of emotions upon returning to work after their parental leave, and it is difficult to know how to handle those feelings-not to mention figuring out how to juggle your new normal. Vault caught up with Lori Mihalich-Levin-mom, author, lawyer, and work/life connoisseur-to find out more about her program Mindful Return and advice on heading back to work after baby. Vault: What inspired you to launch Mindful Return, and can you share a bit about the... Read More >

Five Tips for Lowering Your Bar Exam Stress

by Mary Kate Sheridan  |  January 28, 2019

The February bar exam is just weeks away, and if you are anything like I was in the month leading up to the test, you are oscillating between periods of intense study and momentary freak-outs through which you convince yourself you will fail. Content-wise, you should plow forward with your study plan-either course-based or self-driven-and implement the study tools that you know have been most effective for you in the past. But even sticking t Read More >

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