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Sarah Kuhn is a Sales and Marketing Coordinator at Vault. She graduated from the University of Northern Iowa where her studies focused on foreign language and literature. Professionally she has held a variety of positions within financial services. After moving to New York, Sarah gained recruitment experience at New York Life Insurance Company. When she isn’t recruiting or helping the Vault team she likes to study French new wave film and play drums in her band.

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How to Make the Most out of Work Conferences

by Sarah Kuhn  |  August 31, 2018

When preparing for a work conference it's important to remember you have a limited amount of time to make an impression. With that in mind, the following tips will help you deal with whatever you might encounter at a conference. 1. Preparation Tips With a short time to make a good impression, don't wing it. Come into the conference prepared. Print out a conference schedule and review the sessions and events. Familiarize yourself with the names of the speakers. This can make for an easy... Read More >

5 Essential Tips for Video and Skype Interviews

by Sarah Kuhn  |  August 24, 2018

Many employers and recruiters now use video interviews. Sometimes video interviews are brief, timed recordings that ask candidates to answer general interview questions, and sometimes these are video meetings using Skype or other platforms. It's important to remember that both types of video interviews are just as important in-person interviews, and the following tips will help you make sure your bases are covered. 1. Dress professionally. Dress like you were interviewing in person. Make... Read More >

How to Turn Down an Offer When You’ve Accepted Another

by Sarah Kuhn  |  August 13, 2018

Turning down a job offer is never easy. It's especially difficult to do while trying to maintain a professional relationship with your point of contact at the employer that extended you the offer. Of course, the reason you want to remain in good standing with your contact is you never know if you might need it in the future. For example, maybe down the line in your career you want to reapply at a company you previously turned down. So, in order to set yourself up for a graceful future... Read More >

3 Essential Tips for Using Business Cards

by Sarah Kuhn  |  July 10, 2018

We've all received business cards only to leave them stranded in a desk drawer and forgotten. Chances are some of the cards you've handed out to those you'd like to connect with have experienced the same fate. So how do you get the most out of your contacts' business cards? Here are some tips that will help you do just that. 1. Take a proactive approach The most effective way to use business cards is taking a proactive approach. When given the choice of receiving someone's information... Read More >

Does Unlimited PTO Work?

by Sarah Kuhn  |  July 02, 2018

With work/life balance rising as a top workpace value, one of the best ways employers can increase productivity is by creating a happier and stress-free workforce. One way to achieve this is to allow employees to have time away from the office. Recently, InfoTrust, Netflix, Krono's, and many other firms have added unlimited paid time off to their list of employee benefits. Despite obvious concerns with allowing employees the freedom to take as much vacation as they want, em Read More >

The Benefits of Meditating at Work

by Sarah Kuhn  |  June 20, 2018

The popularity of workplace meditation at companies such as Google, KPMG, McKinsey, and BlackRock has been well do Read More >

4 Tips for Improving Your Time Management Skills

by Sarah Kuhn  |  June 18, 2018

Appropriately managing your workload in a timely manner is a necessary professional and personal skill. To help you improve your time management skills, take the following steps. 1. Assess how and when you work best. When initiating a time management plan, it's important to take an honest look at yourself. Evaluate how long you take to do certain tasks. What's your most preferred or least preferred tasks that you usually do? What tasks require the most energy and what time of the day do... Read More >

What to Do If You Hate Your New Job

by Sarah Kuhn  |  May 29, 2018

Sometimes the next step turns out to be the wrong step or, at least, not as smoothly paved as you thought. If you've found yourself in this situation and unsure what the most professional route out is, here are some things to consider.  1. Recognize and reflect on the reasons you're considering leaving.  There are many reasons you might be unsatisfied with a new position. Make sure to take time to reflect on the reasons. Is the position salvageable? Could there be an action taken to... Read More >

How to Train Your Brain for Career Success

by Sarah Kuhn  |  February 14, 2018

When it comes to sharpening your skills and taking care of yourself physically, it's important not to forget your brain. While your brain isn't a muscle, you should treat it like one: it benefits from exercise, and can atrophy without it. The average person has a tendency to get into routines and fall into comfort zones. We've all had a day where we put in our work hours, mindlessly took the same route home, and then tuned out the world with our favorite Netflix series. Do that too often,... Read More >

5 Benefits of Cover Letters

by Sarah Kuhn  |  January 30, 2018

Including a cover letter is a great way to express your interest in a company and stand out against other candidates. Many candidates choose not to include cover letters, so putting in a little extra work can really go the extra mile for you in the long run. Of course, the overall idea is to make sure you are writing a proper cover letter: it should be specific to the position you're applying for, centered on what you'd bring to the table, and not focused on what you'd want out of the... Read More >

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