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Best Jobs in Visual Arts & Design

Vault ranks the best professions to have. Whether you are a recent grad or looking for a career change, use these rankings to find a job that is right for you.

  • Survey Methodology

    To determine our Best Career Path Rankings, we use a formula that weighs the most relevant categories for an overall quality ranking. Each path's overall score was calculated using the following formula: 25% demand (number of job openings), 25% earning potential (median salary), and 25% job satisfaction (perks, benefits, work/life balance), and 25% employment rates (unemployment).

Best Jobs in Visual Arts & Design


Graphic Designers

Graphic designers, also known as graphic artists, are practical artists whose creations are intended to express ideas, convey information, or draw...


Video Game Art Directors

Video game art directors play a key role in every stage of the creation of a video game, from formulating concepts to supervising production. They work...



Architects plan, design, and observe construction of facilities used for human occupancy and of other structures. They consult with clients, plan layouts...


Digital Designers

Digital designers use computers tools and software to create artwork, designs, interactive online content, e-books, digital advertisements, and Web sites...


Film and Television Directors

"Lights! Camera! Action!" aptly summarizes the major responsibilities of the film and television director. In ultimate control of the decisions that shape...



Animators are artists who design the moving characters that appear in movies, videos, television shows, commercials, Web sites, and in other digital media....


Interior Designers and Decorators

Interior designers and interior decorators evaluate, plan, and design the interior areas of residential, commercial, and industrial structures. In addition...


Cinematographers and Directors of Photography

The cinematographer, also known as the director of photography or DP, is a master of the movie camera and lighting equipment. This professional is...


Art Teachers

Art teachers instruct students how to produce, appreciate, and understand the fine arts. Like teachers in other fields, they develop teaching outlines and...


Fashion Designers

Fashion designers create or adapt original designs for clothing for men, women, and children. Most specialize in one particular type of clothing, such as...