100 Best Blogs for Law Students

Published: Aug 04, 2009

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While we hope to try to give our readers all the breaking news about law schools and lots of admissions advice on Admit One, we understand that sometimes you need something more. There are many, many, many different websites and blogs out there for prospective law students, some written by current students or fellow applicants, others by admissions officers and law school deans, by publishers (like Vault) and other media outlets. Some, like Vault's Law Blog, focus on trends in the law industry, while others focus on application and career advice, financial aid and scholarships, research, student life and general jurisprudence. A website called, simply, "Online Schools" has compiled and posted a list of the 100 Best Blogs for Law Students. They break them down into seven categories: Blogs from Law School Students, Blogs from Professors, News and Information, Blogs from Recent Law School Graduates, Financial Aid and Scholarships, Blogs about Internships, and Legal Specialties. Whether you're beginning to work on your law school applications, starting 1L in the fall, or returning for your second or third year, this list is a great place to start any school research or job search.