5 Fast-Growing Gen Z Careers

Published: Sep 30, 2022

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Gen Z is the name given to people born between 1997 and 2012. This means that the youngest members of Gen Z are now 19 years old and the oldest are 25. This also means the workforce is now filled with Gen Z talent—and will be gaining even more Gen Z talent in the coming years.

Currently, and for the foreseeable future, here are five fast-growing professional paths perfect for the tech-savvy and talented Generation Z.

Data Analysis

One of the most popular new career paths that many Gen Zers are following is data analysis. Data analysis involves the process of examining, cleaning, and changing raw data to extract information that would help make informed business decisions. Data analysts can work in any industry—for any business to thrive, it must conduct in-depth research around its operations and industry. A career as a data analyst is desirable not only since these professionals are in very high demand but also since it doesn't necessarily require you to be confined to an office’s walls—you can easily work remotely.

Social Media Management

Gen Z grew up on social media, so it’s no surprise that so many Gen Zers are incredibly effective at monitoring and managing professional organizations’ social media handles. The social media manager is responsible for everything that appears on the company’s social media profile: they filter, monitor, and measure the company’s social media presence and serve as public relations representatives as well. This is another career that can be done remotely, but does require a good amount of collaboration with marketing and PR departments.

Product Management

Product management is concerned with overseeing a product’s entire life cycle—from developing and planning to launching a product or service. A product manager is involved in all stages of the product's development, and this doesn’t stop when the product or service is released. Product managers must continue to monitor the product's progress to determine what improvements are required. Typical product manager tasks include product research, developing production strategies, and communicating plans with the production team. A product manager does not function in isolation. They always have a team of creatives (and, often, tech professionals) working with them to ensure the product or service's successful launch.

IT Specialist

IT specialists organize, troubleshoot, and coordinate the tech systems that organizations use, maintaining their computer and application networks. IT specialists are also commonly in charge of maintaining and developing an organizations’ software and technology. They ensure that the systems are well connected to the internet and are also in charge of resolving IT issues in the firm. Sometimes, IT specialists are responsible for cybersecurity as well. This means they contribute to protecting online assets from internet scammers.

Corporate Recruiter

Corporate recruiters, which often rate their job satisfaction very highly, oversee the hiring of interns, contractors, and full-time employees in an organization. Recruiters create and distribute job listing across multiple recruitment platforms and guarantee that the firm hires the best professionals. Corporate recruiters also conduct interviews and determine who is qualified to fill the position. This role is critical in an organization since it plays a huge part in cultivating a positive company culture and ensuring business success.  

Leah Collins is an experienced security engineer and part-time writer. She is young and ambitious, and hopes to share her knowledge and experience with anyone willing to learn something new.