11 FAQs About Vault's New STEM Talent Survey

Published: Mar 25, 2024


This year, Vault is launching a new survey and ranking focused on the top employers for STEM talent. If you aren’t familiar with how our surveys and rankings work, watch this Vault video for some more information. To sign up for the survey, please click our sign-up link.



I’m Emily with Vault, and I’m here today to answer the Most Commonly Asked Questions about our inaugural STEM Talent Survey, as well as our Best STEM Employers Rankings. If you aren’t familiar with how our surveys and rankings work, here’s some more information. 

1. How much does it cost to participate in the STEM survey? 

Participation in this survey is completely free. There are no costs involved.

2. What are the benefits of participating in the survey?

There are many benefits to participating in this survey. One is that each participating company will have the opportunity to rank as one of the Overall Best Employers of STEM Talent. 

In addition, you'll have the opportunity to rank in various workplace categories such as compensation, culture, diversity, training, and overall satisfaction, to name just a few.

Our editors will also be writing detailed online company profiles for every participating employer that has enough survey responses.

3. Who sees these rankings and profiles?

Vault partners with hundreds of universities and colleges across the U.S., and each month our rankings and company profiles are seen by hundreds of thousands of students and young professionals. We help millions of career seekers at all stages of development, from undergraduates to full-time professionals, who look to us for advice on finding the right employers for them.

4. When will the rankings be announced? 

We aim to release the rankings in the fall of 2024. If your company receives a ranking, a member of our team will reach out to you well ahead of the public ranking announcement to discuss them. 

5. When does the survey open?

The survey opens on April 9th, 2024 and will close in early June 2024. 

6. Who should I send the survey to? 

The survey is open to full-time STEM professionals at all levels, from entry level to executive level. Common STEM roles include, but are not limited to, computer scientists,  data scientists, life scientists, cybersecurity professionals, software engineers and developers, chemical and mechanical engineers, IT professionals, UX designers, and health care professionals.

7. How long does the survey take to complete? 

The survey will take your employees between 10 and 15 minutes to complete.

8. How do I send my employees the survey? 

Vault will email you a survey link that is unique to your company, along with a short list of instructions for taking the survey. Then you will send that link and instructions along to your STEM employees.

9. How many employees should take the survey? 

We recommend sending the survey to all of your companies' STEM employees. But to be eligible for our STEM rankings, employers must have a minimum number of completed surveys. Typically, the minimums are 20 to 25 responses. However, we’ve found that the more employees who take our survey, the more accurate a picture we get of what it’s like to work at your company, and the more complete profile our editors will be able to write.

10. How will I know how many employees have completed the survey? 

Participation in this survey is anonymous, so we can’t tell you who exactly took it. But we will be in contact with you weekly with overall participation numbers. 

11. What other rankings does Vault publish?

Vault’s been a trusted provider of career intelligence for emerging talent for over 25 years. During that time, we’ve built a reputation of providing impartial, data-driven rankings, in-depth employer profiles, and valuable employee and intern reviews in a wide range of industries, including Law, Banking, Accounting, Consulting, STEM, and the top Internship programs.

Click the link to register your company for the STEM survey!