Bidding begins for renewable energy projects: Jobs to lineup in the coming months

Published: Aug 04, 2009


So, remember the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 the Obama administration introduced earlier this year? Well, the wait is over for the entrepreneurs among you. The White House has started accepting applications for a dip into the $3 billion grant money set aside for renewable energy projects. Once they receive your application and it is approved, the government will pay for 30% of the planned cost.

There is just one catch:  Construction for the new projects must start before the end of 2010. This initiative is purposely designed to create hundreds of jobs as well as increasing solar, wind and energy power plants and moving industrial, commercial and residential buildings closer to being green.

Green Auditor and the Sustainability Certification now sound even more relevant. We spoke about them last week. Scroll down this blog to read more about these.

And be ready to apply for the many jobs this initiative promises to create!