90 Hires in the Next 90 Days: Which Company?

Published: Apr 07, 2010

One of the themes of this blog is that the explosive growth of information continues to fuel the high-tech job market. There is a constant and steady need for employees. These employees must be capable of either managing information growth or building new products that address this growth.

career fair I’ve also touched on the international nature of these career opportunities, especially when it comes to the need for geographically distributed intrapreneurs. Local intrapreneurs drive innovation into their local markets. They often work with their US-based counterparts to export their inventions back into the United States.

One of the cornerstone technologies for the coming decade is information security. This topic is broad and there are a large number of security sub-categories that can make for fantastic career opportunities. These sub-categories include encryption, authentication, auditing, information governance, risk assessment, and compliance/auditing.

If you are looking for proof for these claims, look no further than RSA Corporation, one of the world’s premier providers of security solutions.

RSA has just embarked on a worldwide hiring spree. They are attempting to hire 90 security specialists in 90 days!

The list of jobs represents a wide range of responsibilities in the development of global security solutions, including software engineers, technology consultants, field engineers, quality specialists, tech writers, analysts, legal consultants, sales, and marketing.

The following quote from RSA's website directly addresses the global nature of these positions:

The 90 Hires in 90 Days program is a worldwide effort that will enable RSA to add significant headcount to its team over a 90 day period.

RSA continues to grow its business and is looking to add new people and skill sets to support important initiatives including virtualization, governance risk and compliance and more.

Where will these jobs be located? Browse the job list and you’ll see the United States (California, North Carolina, Massachusetts, Kansas), Canada (Toronto), India (Bangalore), and China (Shanghai). Positions throughout Asia and Europe are expected to be announced as well.

The RSA hiring effort is proof positive that the high-tech, global job market is growing. Becoming an intrapreneur (at a corporation) has the potential to provide a more global experience than an entrepreneur (at a local startup).

Keep an eye on global high-tech! Listen to this podcast for more information about RSA.

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