4 Key Skills You Need to Get Hired in 2022

Published: Nov 12, 2021

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The pandemic has changed work forever. And one of the big things it’s changed is the skills that workers need to succeed. What follows are some of the key skills that hiring managers will be looking for when filling important roles in 2022.

1. Effective communication—across various platforms

When working any job these days, especially in team-based positions, communication is extremely important. Having this skill means that you can effectively verbalize what you need for the role and from your team. It also creates clarity in the workflow, ensuring that things run as smoothly as possible. In addition, today, it’s also important to be able to communicate using video chat platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams, and real-time communication platforms like Slack. So, make sure you’re very skilled in these platforms—and can get that across in your applications and interviews.

2. Innovative thinking and problem-solving

Many employers are now looking for people who can think outside the box. In the “new normal,” many companies are still navigating the new landscape, meaning creating new solutions and being able to adapt is extremely relevant. Companies need creative thinkers and strong problem-solvers. So, during the hiring phase, make sure to showcase your innovativeness and problem-solving capability to make you a standout applicant. Make sure to highlight your creative thinking on your resume, and make sure to arrive prepared to interviews with specific examples of your problem-solving prowess.

3. Tech-savviness

Becoming technologically literate is now 100 percent necessary because of how much has moved to an online setting. In fact, this new skillset is being taught at universities in order to meet this demand. Now, tech skills are often driving company growth in our digital-centric environment. And because many recruiters are working in the digital space and with online tools throughout the hiring process, it’s important for you as an applicant to be able to navigate through this medium during the interview process—as well as on the job. So, be prepared to showcase your skills in all sorts of platforms, languages, and programs during the hiring process.

4. Project management

This skill is no longer only important for those in managerial positions. It’s now also important for every employee to have project management skills. Note that many people don’t even realize that they’re already using project management skills. Being able to distinguish between good and bad ideas, conducting risk analyses, and being able to debrief a project are all components of project management.

Why project management is so important now is because it shows that you’re familiar with processes and workflow. It also sends the message that you take initiative and are an employee who can handle important tasks. Most important, this skill shows that you have the potential to become a leader. So, make sure to highlight specific examples of this skill on your resume, on your social profiles like LinkedIn, and especially in your interviews.

Roseann James is a writer who specializes in business practices like recruitment strategies, company culture, and proper management. When she’s not working, she likes to spend time with her dogs and catch up on current events.