A Cheaper Way to Add Harvard Business School to Your Resume

Published: Mar 25, 2014

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There's nothing like the name of a top business school to make your resume more appealing to employers—which is probably why so many people are tempted to lie about it. Even for those who have the acumen and ability to cope with the workload, there are a couple of major drawbacks to signing up for an MBA: namely the cost, and the time out of the workforce. 

Small wonder, then, that traditional MBA programs are finding their margins being squeezed by shorter, more functional courses that offer the opportunity to specialize in areas like Big Data or entrepreneurship.

Proving that they're capable of employing some of the market analysis techniques that they teach, some schools are starting to fight back, offering more tailored programs, and innovative ways to take their courses.

The latest example comes from a school that is a pretty big deal in the MBA world: Harvard Business School announced recently that it is launching HBX, an online platform featuring a handful of its courses, for the low, low price of  $1,500.

According to the Harvard Crimson, the course—known as CORe—"will be restricted to between 500 and 1,000 students from institutions of higher learning in Massachusetts, but will eventually expand to address undergraduates, graduate students in non-business fields, and young business professionals."

The school is also planning to introduce additional course offerings in future. But don't go getting too excited just yet: unlike other MOOCs, HBX is going to have academic entry requirements, and a fairly rigorous approach to testing. Whether employers will recognize it as a valid qualification, however, remains to be seen. Let us know what you think in the comments, on Twitter, or on Facebook.


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