Avoid Job Search Burnout with These Tips

Published: Sep 20, 2023

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If you’ve ever been locked into a serious job search, you know how exhausting and time-consuming it can be. It’s far too easy to become stressed and frustrated, and ignoring these feelings can lead to more serious issues. Today, we’re going to talk about how to avoid job search burnout. Let’s begin.

Create a Schedule

Job hunting requires a lot of energy, and when it’s thrown into the mix of your everyday life and among other possible sources of stress, it can be overwhelming. Some say to treat your job search as if it’s your job. In other words, search for and apply to jobs for eight hours each day. The problem is, this strategy may not work for everyone and it might lead to serious burnout if you’re applying to many jobs in rapid succession without any meaningful responses.

Before you start your job search, determine which time of the day is best for you. Some people are most energetic first thing in the morning, while others need some time to warm up. Find what works best for you, then carve out some time each day to peruse job listings. Be consistent with when you engage in your job search, this way you can plan the rest of your day around it. A routine will help to reduce stress, and will ensure that you’re regularly applying for jobs.

Tailor Your Strategy

Having a plan is incredibly important. The worst thing you can do is scroll down a list of job postings while clicking “apply” on anything and everything. If you do this, you’re increasing the potential for less meaningful or fake responses, and you might forget which jobs you applied to, which can lead to confusion in the event you do start to get some good responses. Constantly scrambling to remember which companies you applied to will only create more headaches.

Be selective, and take the time to tailor each application. Take note of company names, the dates and times of your applications, and set reminders to follow up. Over the course of your job search, reassess your strategy and rid yourself of less effective methods while prioritizing the methods that work best for you. The bottom line is, being organized will mitigate stress and will greatly reduce the probability of burnout.

Attend Networking Events

Sitting at the computer and applying to jobs on Indeed can get tedious. In order to keep your morale up and stay motivated, try adding a little variety into your job search. An excellent way to do this is to seek out and attend networking events. Depending on your preferences, you could do some in-person networking, or you could choose to participate in virtual events.

Social media is a great tool when it comes to identifying upcoming networking events. Join groups that are relevant to your career and your interests, and keep an eye out for any updates. Along with this, regularly engaging with social media groups is great way to expand your network, learn new job search tips, and get leads for potential jobs. Attending events and actively networking will breathe new life into the monotonous nature of a job search, and will help keep you enthusiastic and excited. Check out our previous post for some tips on getting the most out of a networking event.

Stay Positive

There is a fair amount of luck involved when it comes to finding a job. Of course, your resume and experience play a big role, but other factors such as timing and the preferences of the hiring manager will come into play. It can be frustrating if you’re applying to multiple jobs and not receiving any responses, so staying positive is extremely important.

Negative feelings and thoughts will lead you down a bad path. Your cover letters may seem less enthusiastic, you might stray from your job search routine, or worse yet, you might start to develop feelings of anxiety or depression. Make the choice to eliminate negative thoughts from your mind, take each moment as it comes, and never give up. Being mindful of your feelings will get you into good habits, and eventually, the slow pace of your job search or a lack of responses will bounce right off you.

Take Breaks

Always take the time to relax and recharge. Keep in contact with friends and family, make plans to get out of the house, and engage with your hobbies and interests. There’s more to life than work or a job search, so don’t allow yourself to become overwhelmed. Earlier, we spoke about having a schedule, and this is important because it lets you anticipate the times where you’ll be job hunting, as well as when you’re free to take a break. Remember, balance in all things is crucial for a happy and successful life.

Never ignore the signs of burnout. Whether it’s exhaustion, irritability, stress, or anxiety, you’ll only be held back from making progress. Your mental and physical well-being are integral to all aspects of your life, even your job search. With these tips, you should be able to avoid burnout, and in time you’ll find your next great job.