CEO Tweets of the Week: Stewart, Krawcheck, Mahindra, and Cook

Published: Feb 14, 2014

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This past week several men and women put in performances of their careers @Sochi2014. Americans Sage Kostenburg and Jamie Anderson put in fine final runs to take gold in men's and women's snowboard slopestyle, respectively. The Japanese nineteen-year-old Yuzura Hanyu skated a world-record short program on his way to take gold in men's singles. The speedskating men and women of the Netherlands dominated the ice, picking up all kinds of golds, silvers, and bronzes. And a previously unknown #RussianPoliceChoir has been enjoying its fifteen minutes of well-earned fame for its enthusiastic cover of Daft Punk's "Get Lucky."

Likely, there are many more career performances still to come in Russia during the latest installment of the Winter Games. In the meantime, here are your CEO tweets of the week:

1. The latest in lunch hour efficiecy … soon you’ll be able to order a chili cheese burrito and gordita supreme with one tap of the index, two taps of the thumb.

Everyone who said we'd stop seeing groundbreaking mobile innovation was wrong. You'll soon be able to order Taco Bell on your iPhone.

— Aaron Levie (@levie) February 14, 2014


2. Martha Stewart (who, true story, once shared her sandwich and salad with me on an Amtrak train between New York and Philadelphia) blasted the following while in California at the first annual Makers Conference, which gathered “prominent leaders and innovators from corporations, not-for-profits, and government organizations committed to women's and working family issues.”

Only 14per cent of companies have a woman CEO we have institutional and individual mindsets against women

— Martha Stewart (@MarthaStewart) February 11, 2014


3. Ex-Big-swinging banker Sallie Krawcheck (who has two recent Bloomberg TV interviews worth watching, one on Barbie appearing in nothing but her bathing suit in the latest Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, and another on the lack of women on Wall Street) tips her cap to a New York Times blog, which tried to answer the following question: If women are, in general, better hedge fund investors, then why are there so few women working at hedge funds? (According to the Times, “This is a strange market inefficiency. It would be like discovering that tall people were vastly underrepresented in the N.B.A.”)

Evaluating the Dearth of Female Hedge Fund Managers @nytimes

— Sallie Krawcheck (@SallieKrawcheck) February 12, 2014


4. Anand’s advice can actually improve your work emails. (Although, unlike Anand, I wouldn't be too quick to use the word thrice even once.)

Notice how the word 'Actually' is overused till it's meaningless? Not just Indians.US TV anchor used it thrice in 1 sentence!Exile the word!

— anand mahindra (@anandmahindra) February 14, 2014


5. On Abe's day of birth, Apple’s CEO invokes the words of the most revered POTUS of all time.

Remembering Lincoln today and his dedication to the proposition that all men are created equal. We are still seeking to fullfill his dream.

— Tim Cook (@tim_cook) February 12, 2014


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