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Published: Mar 31, 2022

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On Friday, May 20, 2022, Vault Law will host an OCI Readiness Summit for law students looking to prepare for and find summer and other associate positions through OCI. You can register for this free informational summit here, and learn more about it below.

Join an OCI Preparedness Panel Discussion

You’ll have the opportunity to join a panel discussion on every aspect of OCI prep, beginning with perfecting your resume, continuing through your school's bidding process, and culminating in choosing an outfit for the day of OCI itself.

Listen to a Keynote Speech

Watch the newsletter in the coming weeks to learn who our keynote speaker will be, as well as their topic.

Join an Interview Stages Panel Discussion

All attendees will have the opportunity to listen in on a panel discussion about the various stages of the interview process. The interviews performed on campus are only the first step. Our panelists will discuss how to ace those screeners, but they'll also give you an inside look at how to secure a spot during your callback interviews with the firms you want to check out.

Join a Fireside Chat on the Career Search for LLMs

This special content geared toward LLM students will focus on the unique job seeking process LLMs will undergo, the differences in navigating the job market and how to succeed inside it, the advantage that international students bring to employers, how to highlight that advantage, and inside tips to finding full-time employment in the U.S.

Learn About Top Employers Through Virtual Booths

In addition to benefiting from talks and panel discussions, you'll gain insights and expertise from representatives from many top employers who actively recruit, interview, and make hiring decisions. Several employers will host virtual booths, and within those booths you can get inside information on those employers.

How to Register

The Vault Law OCI Readiness Summit is free, and you can register here.