5 Reasons Why Even CEOs Need Career Coaches

Published: Aug 05, 2015

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Coaches are present and accessible for a variety of things. Superstar athletes have coaches to become even bigger superstars and top performers in their sport.  Therefore, it makes sense for a career coach to be used during the job search, even when you hold the title of CEO.

#1 – Career Coaches Prevent You from Making Mistakes

Everyone likes to feel as though they are 100% correct about something.  However, an expert career advisor is going to let you know when you are wrong and show you the correct way to go about things during a job search. Think of your coach as a second opinion person. You can tell them your action plan, they analyze it, and then they will point out the mistakes and offer suggestions on what you could do instead to achieve the results that you desire. A professional career coaches will help you make your job transition goals become a reality.

#2 – Career Coaches Help You Make Your job search objectives clear

Everyone has some perspective about what they expect from their next job or company. However, this does not mean that your objectives are in focus. Coaches are able to help you make career goals clearer in the following ways:

  • They analyze your talents, abilities, and real potential as a CEO
  • They help you become more self-aware about your skills and weaknesses
  • They help you determine your career goals and create an effective action plan
  • They boost your confidence and keep you accountable

#3 – Career Coaches Are Paid to Coach You

When you hire a career coach, you know that they are being paid to help you do what is in your best interest.  When you go with a recruiter, on the other hand, they are being paid a commission to get you the high profile job. They care less about if the job is a great fit for your skills and personality. They care more getting paid for securing you a new job so they can move quickly on to someone else. Coaches on the other hand are paid to look out for your well-being completely so you can feel comfortable trusting that they will not lead you down the wrong path.

#4 – Career Coaches Help You See How Others View Your Background

Career coaches have been helping CEOs and other professionals with their job searches for decades. Your coach knows exactly how your potential employer is going to view your background and they can help you highlight the most significant parts to those potential employers.

 #5 - Career Coaches Help You Revamp Your Interviewing Skills

Once you have been in a high profile leadership role, your interviewing skills are going to become rusty. Besides, you were operating in a CEO capacity so why would you need to worry about making a good impression during an interview?  A career advisor can help you perform at a CEO level during the interview process.

Are you ready to jump into the competitive CEO job market?  If so, you’ll need the assistance of an expert career coach. Your key to a success transition is receiving professional guidance and coaching that only an expert career coach can provide during a search.  

Glenn Laumeister

CEO and Founder of CoachMarket