Are You Ready to Freelance? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Published: Jul 06, 2021

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Chances are good that, given the circumstances of the pandemic, you are now well versed in the art of remote work. Have you considered taking your talents to freelance for the additional freedoms of making your own schedule, expanding your professional network, and potentially increasing your earnings? If not, it might be time to entertain the thought. Freelancers aren't bound by the traditional nine-to-five racket and have the potential to charge a premium for their skill sets. But are you ready? Freelancing also requires the ability to work independently to meet deadlines, a solid workflow from clients, and impeccable communication skills. Worried freelancing might be too big of a leap? Luckily, our friends at ZenBusiness have crafted this flowchart to help you see if freelancing could be right for you, as well as some tips for taking the leap.