Creating an Affirmative Action Plan: Ask HR Guy

Published: Mar 10, 2009

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Hi HR Guy,
I have just been instructed to research what steps to take to create an affirmative action plan for our company, along with researching EEO reporting requirements. We are a small company, I am new to HR, and none of us know exactly where to start. Can you direct me to some resources? Thank you!


Hi Amy,
Welcome to the world of HR. One of the first places to search is Vault's archives. We have a number of articles on the site about diversity. The second place is The Society for Human Resource Management or SHRM. Their web site (www.shrm.org) lists white papers, places to go to get information, and classes you can take on the subject. An important resource to check out is the Department of Labor site at www.dol.gov. Here you can get a listing of government statistics and other information. Diversityinc.com is also a good source for information on affirmative action. Good luck.