7 Things You Need to Do to Be Well Liked at Work

Published: Jun 25, 2019

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If you want to be well liked at work but don't know where to begin, here are seven actions to take that'll help you win over your colleagues (and help you become a model employee in the process).

1. Do your job well.

First and foremost, do your job and do it well. Just like your slacking off can hurt your teammates, your success can lift them up. Your efficiency, attention to detail, and overall professionalism affects everyone else in the office. If you're a productive and successful employee, chances are you'll be a well liked employee, too.

2. Lend a helping hand when you can.

Be someone your colleagues can depend on. If a coworker needs coverage and you have the availability, cover for them. If a colleague needs honest feedback or help with a project and you can provide it, offer just that. Being on a team means learning how to collaborate. Sometimes, you'll need to make sacrifices, like your time. Sometimes, you'll need to step in and help out at a moment's notice. If you constantly step in, your colleagues will recognize you as someone on whom they can rely, and that's hugely valuable and will result in you being well liked.

3. Practice active listening.

Part of being an effective communicator is knowing how to listen. And that doesn't just mean giving someone else an opportunity to speak, but rather actually hearing them out by giving them your undivided attention. If your coworkers feel heard around you, they'll want to share more with you, and you'll ultimately grow a lot closer.

4. Give credit where credit's due.

Be the person in the room who shows respect by giving credit where credit is due. If you're being acknowledged for a certain success that you didn't achieve alone, publicly share your gratitude for your team and even call people out specifically for their contributions. This will be well-received and appreciated.

5. Engage with colleagues both in and outside of the office.

If you don't have the time to make every happy hour or group lunch with your colleagues, that's understandable and totally acceptable. After all, you're not required to spend time with your colleagues outside of the office. That said, if you can make the time to get to know your colleagues over coffee or lunch in a less formal setting, chances are you'll have deeper conversations that don't necessarily pertain to work. And they might even grow to like you more for it.

6. Share constructive feedback.

When asked for feedback, don't just let others know that they could have done a better job. Share constructive criticism that will help them to actually do a better job. Explain what they can do better by sharing specifics and outlining your suggestions for them. They'll appreciate this over generic or unhelpful comments.

7. Be an advocate for others in the workplace.

If you know someone who can do the job well, refer them. If you know someone deserving of a promotion, push for them. Be an advocate for your colleagues, including those below you. Treat everyone as an equal and spread the good word when they've earned it.

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