The Results Are In: Vault's 2013 Office Romance Survey

Published: Feb 14, 2013

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Don't have a valentine?

You might want to cozy up to the next cubicle. Not only are half of your coworkers doing it, but according to's 2013 Office Romance Survey, most people are okay with it too!

Majority rules: 56% of survey takers have had office romances—to varying degrees. It looks like working love is what you make of it: random hookups and casual, coworkers-with-benefits situations each represented 21% of reported romances, while 17% got a little more serious with LTRs, and 3% put a ring on it.

Worried about too much time together killing the spark? Take advantage of the sex-in-the-office taboo that 35% of respondents reported indulging in.  Just take care not to be among the 5% who got caught.

And speaking of taboos, you might want to avoid one of the married office-romancers that 47% of those surveyed reported knowing in their offices. And those top secret, out-of-town affairs? 42% of those surveyed know about those too, so be careful!

So who is safe to approach? 29% of those surveyed said anybody you work with is fair game. But not everybody was so lenient; 29% said a colleague at another career level than you is probably not a great idea, while 25% said that somebody in your department or who you work on projects with is not a safe target. The real buzz kills: the 9% who think office romances are never acceptable.

But maybe they'll age out of it: in the 50+ age group of those surveyed, 71% have had office romances. And out of everyone who's had an on-the-job love affair, 64% would do it again.

Even "platonic" office partnerships are going strong: 44% of those surveyed reported having an office "husband" or "wife," whom they share lunch and the occasional personal life pep talk with.  

Believe it or not, it's old folks who are seriously throwing caution to the wind. As one survey-taker wrote, "As I get older, the issue of work place relationships seems to not be an issue." And most survey takers seem resigned to human nature. "It happens and it's a fact of life. It's up to you if you think you have the balls to get away with it / use it to your advantage. I got lucky, but I would say in most cases it's probably a terrible idea, albeit very hot."

We'll take their word for it.

For the full results, click here to see Vault's 2013 Office Romance Survey.




--Cathy Vandewater,