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San Francisco-based BPM is one of the 40 largest accounting and advisory firms in the U.S. It has been named one of the best places to work in the Bay Area and one of the fastest growing accounting firms. BPM is very focused on community engagement, giving back, and inclusion initiatives. BPM strongly supports minorities, women, and people of color when it comes to advancement within the firm.

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Jill Frank, Talent Acquisition Director (Full-time positions)

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BPM is ideally searching for personable, hardworking, open-minded, eager-to-learn candidates with strong communications skills who are team players but also have the ability to be themselves. For students, the firm runs an excellent internship program, offering interns great training, hands-on experience, access to senior staff willing to mentor, and exposure to various teams and clients. Development opportunities for full-time staff include clear and fast promotion tracks, the ability to drive your own career, and internal mobility options—you’re able to rotate through various areas or transfer to another area within the firm.

Busy season hours can be long and stressful, as they are at most public accounting firms, but a healthy work/life balance can easily be a...

About the Company

Founded in 1986, BPM is one of the 35 largest public accounting and advisory firms in the country, as measured by annual revenues. It booked $240 million in revenues in its latest fiscal year. The firm has U.S. offices along the West Coast and in Las Vegas, and international offices in Bengaluru, India, and the Cayman Islands. The firm takes a cross-functional team approach that gives its clients direct access to a variety of resources.

BPM has been recognized as a “Best Place to Work in the Bay Area” 10 times over the past decade by the San Francisco Business Times and the Silicon Valley Business Journal. BPM was recognized among the 2023 Best of Accounting award winners for the ninth year in a row based on client service excellence and was also listed on Forbes’ “Best Tax and Accounting Firms” for the fourth consecutive year. In ...

Employee Reviews

  • “The firm and really every level of leadership promote quality of life. During busier times everyone is working substantial hours, although BPM’s minimum hour requirement is lower than the industry standard, which is a great example of BPM practicing what they preach. The worst aspect of the firm’s quality of life is the work distribution. If you are at all competent, you will have far more work than you have time available. This burns out experienced staff and leaves new staff sitting around with no work.”

  • "The best is that the firm promotes an environment where employees are encouraged to have a work/life balance and take time for self-care. The worst is that due to client deadlines, there are periods during the year where work/life balance is tough to achieve due to the nature of the work.”

  • “Moving to unlimited PTO was a great move to promote work/life balance and encourage people to enjoy time off. However, unlimited PTO now requires a double approval before taking time off, which could discourage people from taking time off and make it harder to attain that perfect balance.”

  • “BPM is truly a great place to work when it comes to work/life balance. There’s a lot of flexibility and trust for the individuals who work remotely, very easy communication and great access to partners, and great team events and other opportunities for people to stay connected even when working remotely. Also, there are great trainings and the ability to attend conferences or seminars for professional development. BPM is very invested in creating a friendly, safe, diverse working environment, and the partners are doing excellent in this regard. Very happy to be a part of my BPM family.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “The interview and call back process went in a timely matter in my case. I believe the firm is looking not only for those talented in what they do but also those who possess the ability to be themselves and individuals, speak up, be team players, be unafraid to ask for help or ask questions, and be personable and able to communicate well with colleagues and clients.”

  • “The interviewers are nice and answered a lot of my questions. After the interview, the HR gave me a call after two days and told me they decided to give me an offer. I think they are seeking a candidate who is willing to learn and develop. Because this is just an entry-level position, they don’t expect you to have many technical skills.”

  • “I spoke with a recruiter at a meet-the-firms event at my college. Since I had my internship application already submitted, not long afterward I was immediately able to have a final interview with the partner and manager I would be working with. Overall, it was a very quick and smooth process. I know my office is looking for people that they would feel comfortable working with on a daily basis and can be able to learn overtime.”

  • “The interview and callback process was very personal and quick compared to other firms I experienced. The ideal candidate is a diligent and open-minded individual ready to learn.”

Perks & Benefits

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