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CBIZ is one of the most highly respected accounting, tax, and advisory firms in the U.S. Its interns get a lot of responsibility, guidance, and opportunities to meet directors and partners. Its full-time staff have access to training conferences, professional development programs, and internal mobility options. The firm routinely gets involved in service activities, and is diverse with respect to women and LGBTQ+ individuals.

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CBIZ MHM seeks hardworking, motivated team players who have strong communication skills and are eager to learn. The company’s internship program provides interns with real hands-on experience. Interns work directly with clients and get a solid understanding of what a full-time role with the firm looks like. For its full-time team members, CBIZ MHM provides many career development opportunities, including extensive training, a focus on promoting from within, and the ability to move between various business groups.

CBIZ values work/life balance and encourages staff to take time off. Hours can be long and it can be difficult to take time off during busy season, but outside of that time it is easy to schedule time off. A healthy work/life balance is supported through...

About the Company

With offices in most major metropolitan areas and suburban cities throughout the U.S., CBIZ, Inc. provides outsourced business services such as accounting and tax, a wide range of advisory and consulting services as well as benefits and insurance services

Accounting and tax services are provided through CBIZ MHM, LLC, which has a seamless working relationship with MHM P.C., an independent CPA firm. Together, CBIZ and MHM are one of the 12 largest accounting providers in the nation, measured by annual revenues.

MHM P.C. is a national, independent CPA firm that provides audit, review and attest services. Through their close working relationship, CBIZ and MHM serve clients around the U.S. as well as globally through MHM’s membership in Kreston International, a global network of independent accounting firms. Services ...

Employee Reviews

  • “In tax, other than deadlines in the spring and fall, it is fairly easy to schedule and take vacation time. And they are very understanding if you ever need a personal day. Even though work is important, the firm also knows you have a life outside of work, so they are very understanding if you ever need to log off early for one day or skip a day once.”
  • “The flexibility is top-notch. As long as I am getting my work done in a timely fashion and meeting my clients’ and teams’ needs, I have utmost flexibility for doctor appointments, school meetings, extracurriculars, etc.”
  • “CBIZ values work/life balance and encourages everyone to take their vacation time. Unfortunately, during busy season (spring and fall) there are some extremely long weeks. We need more staff at the appropriate levels to even out some of the workload. Our leadership understands this and has tried to hire accordingly, but it has been difficult to find resources the last few years.”
  • “I work remotely so it is a huge plus not having to deal with commuting time. I am easily able to schedule time off when needed. My managers are very flexible and understanding when I need to make adjustments in my work schedule.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “The firm works to move very fast to schedule interviews for candidates and to keep them actively engaged in the recruiting process. We are searching for candidates at all levels and in different service areas. Ideal candidate is someone who is hardworking, a team player, willing to learn, not intimidate by a challenge, and overall good people. We are offering a better work/life balance than the Big 4, which we often compete for talent with.”
  • “I believe the firm is looking for bright, hardworking individuals who also fit the firm's culture. I like how the firm focuses more on the candidate's potential to fit in, rather than testing their knowledge. I think that is what creates the firm's friendly and welcoming culture. “
  • “The interview process is very smooth and straightforward. The ideal candidate would have some amount of knowledge in all of the aspects that they might see on a day-to-day basis and the initiative to learn and be better every day.”
  • “A variety of staff, managers, and directors are involved in the interview process. We are looking for someone who is motivated, able to communicate well internally and externally, and who isn't afraid to work with the team.”

Perks & Benefits

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