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Rehmann is one of the 35 largest U.S. accounting firms and has the largest tax practice in Michigan. Interns get extensive on-the-job training, real-time feedback, and a lot of support from senior managers. Full-time staff get technical trainings, the ability to transfer locations and departments, and mentors who help with skill development and career progression. The firm supports community involvement, and encourages staff to serve on boards of local governments and nonprofits.

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501-1,000 Employees


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Ann Arbor, MI


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Abby Buchholz, PHR - Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist

Vault Verdict

Michigan-based Rehmann is looking for candidates who are hardworking, willing to learn, organized, flexible, and willing to take ownership and pride in their work. The firm runs a valuable internship program during which interns get hands-on experience, are treated like full-time staff, and work alongside senior professionals. Career development opportunities for full-time staff include extensive internal and external training, an open-door policy by seniors, and a team-oriented environment where colleagues actively help each other to succeed and grow.

Although hours can be long and demanding, particularly during the busy seasons, Rehmann allows for flexible schedules and alternative work arrangements for reduced hours or flex time. The firm is also flexible when...

About the Company

Rehmann is the 32nd largest accounting firm in the U.S. by annual revenues. The firm has the largest tax practice in Michigan, and its roots go back to 1941. Today, the 81-year-old firm provides accounting and assurance services; comprehensive technology, accounting, and human resource solutions; and specialized consulting and wealth management services. Rehmann’s industry expertise includes health care, financial institutions, government, education and not-for-profit, manufacturing, professional services, commercial, and private households. In addition to Michigan, the firm has offices in Ohio and Florida. It employs nearly 900 people and is led by Randy Rupp, its CEO. 

Employee Reviews

  • “Our firm is very flexible with where and when you work as long as you show the personal responsibility to complete assignments. I do not think it is unique to our firm but using vacation time is getting harder and harder. We no longer have a traditional busy season period and then a slower period. Add to that the talent crunch and it is very hard to take extended time off.”

  • “Being a CPA in tax and advisory services is a big life commitment. We work about 2,400 hours per year, with a lot of those hours concentrated between January to April and August October. During those busy seasons, we can expect to work anywhere from 45 to 80 hours per week (outside of those months, 40 hours per week is the expectation). It’s hard to have balance during busy season.”

  • “Quality of live discussions occur regularly. The firm is very flexible when the need arises to take time for family or to recover from illness or loss. Coverage when others take time off is not always available, and sometimes work flow slows down because there are bottlenecks.”

  • “Rehmann is very flexible with associates and allows alternative work arrangements for reduced hours or flex time. We have good technology to work from anywhere, and you have the ability to make your own hours, but there is always the expectation to meet your commitments. Being able to sign on from home at night allows you to leave early for something and not have any issues with getting hours in or meeting a commitment. Now, during Covid, there is flexibility with respect to working from home or the office—it’s the associate’s preference.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “We are looking for accountable people who work hard and take ownership and pride in their work.”

  • “Looking for associates that fit in our culture, high achievers, positive outlook. We recruit from multiple colleges and through advertising. The best candidates we get are through referrals from our employees.”

  • “Our ideal candidate is someone looking to build a fast-paced career at a professional services firm with a people-centric culture. Ideal areas of interest could include tax, assurance, accounting, wealth management, IT, HR, or business advisory. Rehmann associates are hardworking, willing to learn, organized, and flexible.”

  • “Candidates with a strong resume will be considered. We are looking for individuals with strong understanding of accounting concepts (general debits and credits), as well as general business acumen (such as managerial planning). Also looking for motivated individuals that will take ownership over their responsibilities and seek growth.”

Perks & Benefits

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