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Tampa-based Schellman is the largest CPA firm specializing in attestation and certification services. New hires get extensive informal mentoring and “boot camp” training for certifications. Schellman places an emphasis on volunteering and giving back, and has active affinity groups that promote diversity for women, LGBTQ+ individuals, and people of color.

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501-1,000 Employees


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Vault Accounting 25


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SOC Examinations


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Columbus, OH


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Laura Breitzman- Director of Talent Acquisition

Vault Verdict

Schellman is looking for hardworking, motivated, loyal, personable professionals who can thrive in the firm’s diverse culture. Schellman takes career development very seriously and assigns each employee a mentor to help with professional and personal growth. There are also many requisite and optional training opportunities for employees.

Work/life balance is excellent at Schellman, as the firm has many workplace benefits that help improve quality of life, including “meeting-free” afternoons on Fridays, early shutdowns before three-day weekends, and half days on Fridays during the summer. In addition, unused PTO can be rolled over to the next year. In fact, the entire Schellman benefits package gets rave reviews, as insiders call the benefit offerings “best in mar...

About the Company

Based in Tampa, Fla., Schellman & Company, LLC is the 47th-largest CPA firm in the U.S., as measured by annual revenues. It booked $148.5 million in revenues in its latest fiscal year. Schellman has more than 900 clients, including numerous publicly traded and Fortune 500 companies.

Schellman provides attestation and compliance services. Its professional services focus on security and privacy audits, assessments, and certifications. Schellman is a globally licensed PCI Qualified Security Assessor, an ISO Certification Body, APEC Accountability Agent, and a FedRAMP 3PAO. Schellman has become one of the largest CPA firms in the United States without providing any traditional accounting services, such as financial statement audits or tax preparation services.

Founded in 2002 by Chris Schellman, the firm ...

Employee Reviews

  • “We have 'quiet' times on Fridays, early shutdowns before three-day weekends, and half days every Friday during the summer. Also, unused PTO is rolled over to the next year.”

  • “Schellman’s benefits have increasingly improved over time. I love that we get two weeks off at year-end holiday, one week of for July 4 week, three to four weeks based on tenure PTO, plus many federal holidays. Schellman is a leader in time off quality of life.”

  • “Despite being ‘very on’ and sometimes working long weekday hours, even as a partner, I am almost never e-mailed or called during the weekend.”

  • “Work/life balance is excellent, especially as it compares to other firms in our industry. On the downside, sometimes expectations are unclear when events are considered optional.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “We’re looking for game changers. Experienced hires have two to three rounds of interviews, and a decision is made quickly. Entry-level associates come in as a cohort and have a similar interview experience, except that the first interview is often proxied through the university.”

  • “Our interview process can move quite quickly when we have a need—this is great for a job seeker, as there isn’t a lot of getting jerked around.”

  • “We are very communicative throughout the process.”

  • “The company is seeking competent, loyal, and personable professionals. It cares about innovative thought but really cares about recruits accepting and thriving in the company’s culture, which is diverse, hardworking, and self-motivating. The company tends to recruit candidates who are not happy with their big-firm experience or from the top echelon of second-tier schools.”

Perks & Benefits

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