Tampa-based Schellman is the largest CPA firm specializing in attestation and certification services. New hires get extensive informal mentoring and “boot camp” training for certifications. Schellman places an emphasis on volunteering and giving back, and has active affinity groups that promote diversity for women, LGBTQ+ individuals, and people of color.

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SOC Examinations


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Columbus, OH


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Schellman is looking for hardworking, self-starting team players who have good time management and communication skills and are eager to learn. For its staff, Schellman provides many career development opportunities, including training resources and mentors and the ability to move within the firm. Some insiders say the initial training could be more extensive. There is a strong emphasis on work/life balance and schedule flexibility, and the culture is very collaborative and team-oriented.

Salary, perks, and benefits are generous and generally get good reviews from staff. The annual raise process and 401(k) matching get especially strong reviews, while some insiders say parental leave and the insurance coverage could be better. With respect to wellness offerings, ...

About the Company

Based in Tampa, Fla., Schellman & Company, LLC is the 49th-largest CPA firm in the U.S., as measured by annual revenues. It booked $123 million in revenues in its latest fiscal year. Schellman has over 900 clients, including numerous publicly traded and Fortune 500 companies.

Schellman provides attestation, compliance, and certification services, offering clients information technology and cybersecurity audits and assessments, including SOC examinations, ISO certifications, FedRAMP assessments, PCI assessments, HITRUST assessments, cloud security assessments, penetration testing, and other compliance services.

Founded in 2002 by Chris Schellman, the firm is led by CEO Avani Desai. It and operates out of multiple locations around the United States with a remote workforce and employs more than 500 people.<...

Employee Reviews

  • “Tremendous emphasis on work/life balance and flexibility. There is a sense of teamwork to help peers. The organization values its people and invests heavily in their development and success.”
  • “This is the best part of Schellman. I absolutely love that we work from home and travel is kept to a minimum. Our team is happy, our clients are happy, and we're able to have the best work/life balance. The worst part is the staffing shortage. This translates to a heavier workload and more hours worked, especially if you're a high performer, but that's typical for the industry it seems.”
  • “We are growing quickly, and that means we are taking on numerous new clients but also hiring many talented individuals to help with the additional workload. It has been a busy transition period, but upper management is handling it appropriately and the future is looking bright as far as having the resources we need for everyone to have a healthy work/life balance.”
  • “The people are great at Schellman, and the culture is the best. Transparency is provided from the top down, with issues such as strategies around recession, work/life balance, etc., discussed with a level of respect by leadership.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “It’s a pretty straightforward interview and callback process. The ideal candidate has great time management skills, can handle multiple clients at once, has good communication skills, and is a hard worker willing to learn.”
  • “The ideal experienced professional candidate can work in both team and independent modes. High collaboration and strong work ethics are cornerstones of our operating environment, and a commitment to very strong interpersonal skills and relationship building is central to our firm's culture and behavioral mindset. Schellman strives to maintain and protect a people-first attitude to its employees and clients.”
  • “The interview process begins with very informal phone conversations with the recruiting team. Once a decision has been made regarding whether to proceed, a more formal virtual or in-person interview is held that is more technical in terms of the questions asked. I believe the firm is focused on hiring individuals that are self-starters, have the ability to effectively manage their time, and can work well in teams.”
  • “Ideal candidate has people and technical skills. Interview includes a few questions on the service line you are applying for, a discussion with management, then a meeting with the hiring manager/director/principal.”

Perks & Benefits

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