Accounting firm Sikich is looking for hardworking team players with strong communication skills. The firm’s Sikich Scholars program gives interns hands-on experience and exposure to clients. For its full-time staff, Sikich offers many growth opportunities, including trainings, conferences, internal mobility options, and financial support to take the CPA exam.

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Naperville, IL


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Elizabeth Grumney, Campus Talent Advisor

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Sikich is looking for intelligent, proactive, hardworking, personable team players with strong communication skills. For students, the firm runs Sikich Scholars, a valuable internship program, giving interns hands-on experience, exposing them to clients, and treating them like full-time staff members. For its full-time staff, Sikich offers many growth opportunities, including trainings and conferences, internal mobility options, financial support to take the CPA exam, and the ability to work closely with senior professionals.

Although hours can be long during the busy season, a healthy work/life balance can be achieved. The firm offers flexible scheduling and is understanding of personal commitments outside of work. Salaries get average reviews from insiders, and...

About the Company

Founded in 1982, Sikich is the 30th largest CPA firm in the U.S., with $184 million in annual revenues. The firm provides accounting, technology, and advisory services. Sikich offers its clients across a variety of verticals a broad spectrum of services and products that help them reach their long-term, strategic goals. Sikich’s many awards and honors include being certified as a Great Place to Work. 

Through its many offices across the country and its growing remote workforce, Sikich serves clients in every state. The firm is led by Managing Partner and CEO Christopher Geier, who replaced James Sikich, the founder of Sikich, in January 2017.

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Employee Reviews

  • “We have busy periods during tax season, but outside of tax season we have enough flexibility to ensure we are making time for other things besides work. Our work nature allows us to be flexible, as we can work almost any hour of the day. If I want to take a few days off or a few hours off, I know I can make up for it and our managers don't bother us about it. As long as we continue to provide quality work in a timely matter and take ownership in our work, we are given the opportunity to have work/life balance.”
  • “I do believe that the firm allows for a good work/life balance. There will always be times when things get crazy and additional hours are needed to meet deadlines, but management also allows staff to take a PTO day to make up for the overage.”
  • “Sikich treats its employees like they are people and not like tools. The managers and partners want us to do our best for our clients and business, but they remember we have lives outside of work.”
  • “I think the firm focuses on quality of life and has been amazing during Covid, with the ability to work from home and have a flexible schedule. The firm also provides mental health, physical health, and other guidance/education to make sure we are taking care of ourselves so we can work well.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “After the application, there was a phone interview and then in-office interviews with multiple leaders in the firm. I think there is a culture fit that would be important in looking for candidates. The ideal candidate would be proactive, hardworking, and sociable.”
  • “The ideal candidate is someone that is willing to learn, possesses good communication skills, and is a good team player.”
  • “The interview and callback process is efficient and effective. The ideal candidate is client-focused and intelligent, and embraces changes in business and technology.”
  • “The interview and callback process is challenging but beneficial. The ideal candidate is someone who isn't afraid to put in the work, can communicate with other coworkers and clients, and is looking for an environment that focuses on the people.”

Perks & Benefits

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