Cowen is a top investment bank that offers interns hands-on live deal experience and exposure to senior bankers and clients. Full-time junior bankers get access to a structured training program, an “apprenticeship” learning model, and many wellness benefits.

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1,001-5,000 Employees


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Vault Banking 25


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New York, NY


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Jenny Killeen

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Cowen is ideally looking for smart, well-rounded, competitive, driven, personable, intellectually curious team players with strong technical and problem-solving skills. Interns gain a lot of hands-on experience and get a clear view of what a full-time role looks like. Interns are staffed on live deals, work alongside full-time junior and senior bankers, and get access to various team-bonding events. Meanwhile, Cowen’s full-time junior bankers get access to numerous career development opportunities, including mentoring options, early deal responsibility, direct exposure to clients, and networking events to get to know senior leaders.  

Cowen promotes a healthy work/life balance, offering hybrid work schedules and a collaborative, supportive culture. Howe...

About the Company

Cowen is a diversified financial services firm offering investment banking services, equity and credit research, sales and trading, prime brokerage, , commission management services, and actively managed alternative investment products. Cowen employs more than 1,700 people and is led by Jeffrey Solomon, the firm’s Chair and Chief Executive Officer.

Founded in 1918, Cowen is headquartered in New York and has offices worldwide. In August 2022, Cowen announced that it would be acquired by Canadian banking firm TD Bank for $1.3 billion. The deal, slated to close in the first quarter of 2023, will significantly increase TD’s U.S. investment banking presence. Upon the deal’s closing, Cowen will remain a separate entity. 

Employee Reviews

  • “Everyone at the company I've met respects the personal lives of others and doesn't ‘shame’ people if they try to take time off. It’s very easy to use vacation. Our group gets very busy, but the MDs in my group almost force us to take time off and prioritize our health. They will communicate to the client if expectations are unreasonable. There is no real company-wide culture around appropriate work/life balance. It really boils down to specific personalities of different managers.”

  • “My firm promotes a good work/life balance by mixing in social team activities throughout the year. Hybrid work situation is also great. Allows me more flexibility with the intense hours.”

  • “Having a hybrid work schedule is advantageous. I would prefer the split to be three days out of the office and two days in, but three days in and two out is good. Hardest part is the expectation of working every weekend. There is definitely a mindset among some of the experienced folks here (associates and VPs especially) that Sundays are meant to be a full day of work for the junior guys, even though the messaging from the top is to avoid this.”

  • “The firm's culture is supportive of employees’ happiness and personal life commitments. In equity research, it is largely dependent on the managing director that a younger employee works for. The MD I work for supports a great quality of life.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “Offers are typically extended within 24 to 48 hours after the last interview (sometimes slightly longer). Ideal candidates have a strong work ethic, are ‘hungry,’ are team players, have strong technical skills, and have a good attitude.”

  • “The interview process is highly selective, and they do not want someone who only knows numbers; they want someone who is engaging, passionate about their work, and determined to work hard to help the people around them. If the firm likes you, they will call you back right away.”

  • “The ideal candidate is well-rounded, competitive, driven, intellectually curious, and challenges themselves academically in college (classes, clubs, sports teams, etc.). Personality is very important. We want to hire someone who would be a nice, productive, enjoyable teammate.”

  • "Interview process is extremely competitive, filled with highly qualified candidates. Ideal candidate is driven, smart, confident, rational, and a problem solver, and has a high EQ, relevant experience, the ability to be comfortable in uncomfortable situations.”

Perks & Benefits

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