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Perella Weinberg is a prestigious independent investment banking that works on high-profile deals for clients like PayPal, Kraft Heinz, and T-Mobile. Its interns get an incredible amount of responsibility and hands-on experience, working on live deals with senior bankers and clients. The firm is committed to diversity, and has extensive D&I training programs.

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501-1,000 Employees


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Vault Banking 25


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Financial Institutions


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New York, NY


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Experienced Full-Time Employees: Zachary Monchik, Associate

Vault Verdict

Perella Weinberg is looking for ambitious, honest, hardworking, motivated, intellectually curious candidates with strong communication and critical thinking skills. The firm runs a very rewarding internship program for students, providing interns with significant responsibility on live deal teams and access to clients and senior professionals, who are willing to train and guide interns. Meanwhile, PWP’s full-time junior bankers have access to top-notch formal and internal training programs and ongoing informal training. They also get a ton of live transaction experience. In addition, promotion paths are clear, and there are options to move to other groups and offices within the firm.

Perella Weinberg has a very collaborative culture and understands it’s important...

About the Company

Founded in June 2006, Perella Weinberg advises clients on mergers and acquisitions execution, shareholder and defense advisory, financing and capital solutions, capital markets advisory, and private capital placements. Also, following the 2016 acquisition of TPH&Co., it offers specialized underwriting and research services primarily to the energy industry.

Perella Weinberg serves a wide range of clients, including large public multinational corporations, mid-sized public and private companies, individual entrepreneurs, private and institutional investors, creditor committees, and government institutions. Today, the firm has approximately 600 employees, who work out of the New York headquarters, as well as offices in Calgary, Chicago, Denver, Houston, London, Los Angeles, Munich, Paris, and San Francisco.


Employee Reviews

  • “The firm seriously prioritizes the type of person it recruits, both at the entry level and more senior levels. This lends to people being additive to a culture that is open to hearing how it can improve balance in a job that, by definition, can be tough. PWP has an incredible culture, and it is reinforced at all levels. Even at a more junior level, you'll find yourself interacting with clients and really being in a position to take ownership and contribute in a meaningful way. In general, people are very understanding of why it's important to take time off, including protected time and weekends. At the end of the day, it makes working here in a demanding job more sustainable and enjoyable when you are able to take time to enjoy the other parts of life.”

  • “There is very good mutual understanding between the firm and the team that we need to work hard when there is job to be done and that there also needs to be time for rest and vacation. This especially applies to important family occasions which the firm strives to accommodate to the extent possible. Juniors are encouraged to (again to the extent project work allows) take two one-week periods off per year as an absolute minimum. There is also approval for remote work, and certain periods during the year are company-designated as remote first.”

  • “Very collaborative culture with competent and thoughtful senior bankers/deal teams. This results in more work/hours, which can be challenging at times but is overall rewarding and worthwhile given the culture of the firm.”

  • “Teams are generally tight-knit, and senior bankers are almost universally very approachable, including up to the CEO/Founding Partner level. A strong company/team culture goes a long way in quality of life satisfaction.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “There is a set of interviews—first is an introductory meeting, followed by a difficult technical interview and subsequent fit interviews with team members. Then a discussion is held to assess a candidate’s potential and fit. The Firm is looking for proactive and are able to play up if need be. They should also have good judgement to be able to make decisions about project workstreams independently and know when to ask for help—it’s getting the right balance that’s tricky.”

  • “Initial screening followed by at least four in-depth interviews, ideally in person. Selected candidates meet with broader firm/firm leadership. Looking for ambitious, honest, hardworking, highly motivated, intellectually curious people with a focus on client service.”

  • “Ideal candidate has a clearly articulated story for why they are where they are and why they want to be in banking, including a commitment to the role they’re applying for (firm, location, etc.). More specifically, the firm is looking for people of high integrity who are able to work well with other team members and clients. Key qualities include being a good communicator (both verbal and written), being organized and proactive, and having good judgment/critical thinking skills.”

  • “Process is thorough and has many touchpoints and opportunities for candidates to showcase their abilities and value to the firm. Looking for an intellectually curious, diligent, socially engaging person.”

Perks & Benefits

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