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Stifel is an investment bank that focuses on serving the middle market. With roots going back 125 years, Stifel is a global investment bank serving growth companies. Stifel allows its staff to take initiative and welcomes new ideas. A diverse team is critical to its mission, and the firm insists on diversity, inclusion, respect, and engagement in all that it does.

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Note: The firm did not participate in our 2022 Banking Survey; all employee reviews are from our surveys in previous years.

Stifel is looking for hardworking, positive, personable, analytical fast-learners who are able to work independently. For students, the firm runs a valuable internship program, offering interns exposure to senior bankers and a real feel for what a full-time position looks like. For its full-time junior bankers, Stifel offers excellent deal experience, access to clients and senior bankers, mentorship options, exposure to various verticals and products, and the ability to quickly rise the ranks.

Given the strong deal flow, hours can be long and unpredictable, and a health...

About the Company

Stifel is a St. Louis-headquartered investment bank that focuses on providing financial services to growth companies. Stifel offers investment banking, trading, underwriting, asset management, research, financial advisory, and other financial services to customers in the U.S. and Europe. Investment banking is handled by Stifel, Nicolaus & Company, Incorporated, which was founded in 1890; Keefe, Bruyette & Woods, Inc.; Miller Buckfire & Co., LLC; Eaton Partners, LLC; and Stifel Nicolaus Europe Limited. Stifel’s domestic equity research unit has more than 1,000 companies under coverage. Today, Stifel has more than 8,500 employees.

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Employee Reviews

  • “MDs are generally receptive towards lightening workloads following particularly grueling periods. I've been told to take a Friday off at least twice in my two years, and if work can wait until the following week, the MDs are typically OK with the team finding time for themselves on the weekend. However, there’s a tendency of overpromising and underdelivering on some of the work/life initiatives. ‘Protected weekends’ are rarely fully protected, regardless of how busy the team is.”
  • “There are many opportunities for social interaction and being ‘unplugged,’ and a lot of conversation from the top down to take a step back when possible to reset and refresh after the hours we pull. While there is always room for improvement in terms of work/life balance, everyone in my group is pretty understanding, and each person knows how busy we all are, with understanding that we are all doing our best.”
  • “The culture of my group is great (usually), which makes working more enjoyable. That said, my quality of life is generally pretty terrible. Hours haven't improved much since I was a first-year analyst. I still often work more than 80-hour weeks as a second/third-year associate. We have recently implemented Protected Weekends, but I work most Protected Weekends anyway, because no one pays attention, and we’re too understaffed for people to cover for me. Work/life balance is almost non-existent, and while the firm is trying to try in this area, it’s very contingent on business /deal flow and group-based staffing circumstances, both of which don't work in our favor (tons of deal flow/pitch work with low analyst support and high turnover).”
  • “Our group does not mindlessly pitch everything and is very thoughtful when it comes to the deals we pursue, which leads to a very meaningful work experience and a great work/life balance.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “The interview process was straightforward and extensive. I had a phone screening call and a Super Day with four VPs in different industry groups. The callback process was different than at other firms in that I received my verbal offer the day after my Super Day interview, so I was pleasantly surprised to learn I was offered an internship.”
  • “Process is quick and efficient. Intern recruiting lasted two to three weeks in total, and I knew by the Monday after my Super Day that I had received the return offer. Ideal candidates are thoughtful and extremely detail-oriented. We want our people to only make a mistake once, before being corrected going forward. Ideal candidate is willing to work long hours but also a decent human being that we can joke with on some of our late nights.”
  • “The interview process is one first-round interview and then a Super Day. If you perform well in each you hear back quickly, but if there’s even a shade of doubt it could be weeks before hearing back. The ideal candidate we are seeking does not necessarily need to know everything about finance, but should be someone who learns quickly and is able to adapt, while also being a positive influence in the team.”
  • “Ideal candidate is someone who can work hard, is dependable, has positive energy, is willing to think deeper and not just follow what a senior banker says, and can work independently, given how lean teams run.”

Perks & Benefits

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