TPH is an investment bank that focuses on providing research, sales and trading, and merger and acquisition advisory services to the energy industry. Its clients have included Hess, Apache, Anadarko, and Kuwait Energy. TPH is owned by leading merger and acquisition investment bank Perella Weinberg Partners and offers excellent internships in its Houston office.

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101-500 Employees


Major Office Locations

Houston, TX


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Undergraduate & Graduate: Laura Rivero, Executive Director

Vault Verdict

TPH is ideally looking for driven, intelligent, creative, passionate, and hardworking fast learners—people who can make a lasting impact at the firm. Interns receive a lot of live deal experience while working on small deal teams. Meanwhile, full-time junior bankers have access to excellent career development opportunities—you can have open discussions about your career development with senior leadership and request to work on different types of projects across various verticals. In addition, the firm likes to hire from within, regularly promoting analysts to associates.

Work/life balance at the firm is relatively good for investment banking. Teams try to limit contacting you on “protected weekends” and vacation, and there’s a new policy where you have to take fi...

About the Company

TPH&Co. (“TPH”) provides strategic and financial advice to investors, management teams, boards of directors, government bodies, and other professionals and participants in the global energy industry. TPH is led by its President, Chad Michael, who has been with the firm since 2007.

TPH’s research team covers approximately 120 companies, its sales and trading team provides service to institutional energy investors globally, and its investment banking unit has over 100 professionals. Approximately one third of TPH’s team has technical experience and worked previously in the energy industry.

TPH has offices in Houston, Calgary, Denver, London, and New York, and specializes in advising clients in upstream, midstream, infrastructure, oilfield services, refining and petrochemicals, energy technology (including re...

Employee Reviews

  • “I didn't join the firm with the expectation of having a good work/life balance, and I knew that vacation days would be limited. It’s quite surprising how the teams do make an effort to limit contacting you on protected weekends and vacation, and the firm has recently started a new policy where we have to take five consecutive vacation days each half-year.”

  • “Great projects and clients, and TPH does a great job involving juniors in client interactions. Work/life balance is relatively good for banking, but we all work hard and we keep a lean shop, so it can be difficult to take time off. We do a decent job protecting juniors on vacations, protected weekends, etc., but we can always do better.”

  • “The culture is very solid, and I enjoy integrations with the rest of the junior team as well as the seniors. Work/life balance can be challenging at times, but that is the nature of the business at an elite boutique.”

  • “In the current environment, I've noticed more of an ability to balance work and life. I think part of that is due to having gone through the work-from -home phase. Now, there seems to be less of a stressful ‘I need to be in the office until 10 p.m. every night’ mentality. This has allowed for me to balance being in the office and being at home with family. The most challenging aspect still is being ‘available’ every day. It does not allow for unplanned activities that would keep you away from a computer for extended time.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “I believe our firm is looking for the best of the best, not only in terms of work abilities but also in their ability to be a part of TPH. There is a bond among workers, and that is not filled in by just anyone. We are looking for someone we can see making a lasting impact at the firm.”

  • “Multiple rounds of interviews with junior and senior members as well as a skills test. Looking for driven, intelligent, and creative individuals with a strong sense of team as well as a positive disposition.”

  • “We’re looking for someone who is passionate, hardworking, and a fast learner. I think we are pretty diligent about callbacks and shortlisting people to the next round.”

  • “The firm is looking for well-rounded candidates who have a very strong interest in energy (both traditional oil and gas and energy transition/new energy) and banking. At TPH, we prioritize cultural fit just as much as technical abilities. As such, we often hold a number of initial screening phone calls with analysts/associates/directors prior to Super Days.”

Perks & Benefits

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