A Silicon Valley staple, Cisco has been connecting its customers since the eighties. Consistently rated as a best place to work, Cisco aims to create an inclusive workplace at all 96 of its locations. It looks for people who are passionate about the future of tech, and committed to its mission of bringing technology users together.

Company Stats


Employer Type




10,001+ Employees


Major Departments

Cloud, Collaboration


Major Office Locations

Albany, NY, United States


Major Brands

networking technologies • data center products


Employment Contact

Sara Morales (VP, People & Communities)

About the Company

Cisco was founded in 1984. Two computer scientists out of Stanford University, Sandy Lerner and Leonard Bosack, wanted an easier way to connect different types of computer systems. The two scientists created a multi-protocol router to allow the two distinct computer systems to communicate. Lerner saw the value of the router technology not only for small-scale distance but to be used on a large scale outside of Stanford. In 1984, Lerner and Bosack founded Cisco Systems with their new multi-protocol router. Two years later, Cisco sold its first product, and just five years after its founding in 1989, revenues were at $27 million.

Today, Cisco is a multi-brand technology conglomerate that offers a huge array of products. Product offerings range between networking, wireless and mobility, security, collaboration, data center services, a...

Perks & Benefits

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