Cornerstone Research occupies a rare niche in the consulting world as a firm specializing in
economic and financial analysis for law firm clients. As a Cornerstone Research consultant, you support expert testimony in commercial litigation and regulatory proceedings—this allows consultants to work closely with experts in diverse fields. While much of the financial work mirrors what you’d find at traditional economic consultancies, the intersection of the legal and consulting worlds makes Cornerstone Research an exciting and e...

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501-1,000 Employees


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Vault Consulting 50


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Boston, MA


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Tracy Prouty, Director of Talent Acquisition

Vault Verdict

Cornerstone offers a well-compensated boutique consulting lifestyle with the ability to exert significant control over both your working hours and your career trajectory. As specialists in economic and litigation consulting, most of the firm’s work is conducted at home—whether that means the home office or the consultant’s actual home. With all that in mind, plus an excellent brand reputation to boot, this is one to consider for those aspiring to careers that either leverage or prepare the ground for advanced economic degrees. One note of caution, however, is that without those degrees, you’re likely to find your career at the firm topping out within a few years.

About the Company

In the increasingly complicated world of commercial litigation, attorneys often need help sifting through  complex economic or financial issues. Cornerstone Research is the place they turn for help. The firm has  worked with top-tier law firms throughout its existence, and has provided services to firms in a diverse  group of industries including finance, telecommunications, high tech, manufacturing, and energy. 

Cornerstone Research provides attorneys with consulting for many facets of the litigation process. That  includes finding high-quality expert witnesses, as well as providing economic and financial analysis to  attorneys as they navigate the complexities of litigation and regulatory proceedings. 

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Employee Reviews

  • “Cornerstone is well-known for its competitive compensation, especially with respect to economic consulting firms.”
  • “Interesting work, leadership opportunities, and generous compensation.”
  • “Positive work environment with interesting projects but long hours.”
  • “The size and importance of the cases we get generally outstrips those of competitors. We tend to be involved in many high-profile litigation cases that require economic or financial analysis.”
  • “We have a meticulous process to ensure that minimal mistakes are made in our work and that clients will be satisfied by the product.”

Why Work Here

At Cornerstone Research, we strive to create a culture where all employees are valued. We have a long tradition of being an inclusive work environment and supporting a multigenerational and diverse team of professionals. Within our communities, our firmwide goal is to encourage and inspire a diverse future workforce by increasing financial literacy and technology skills among thousands of students, especially those in disadvantaged and under-supported communities. For those who share our vision and values of high-quality work, commitment to our clients and experts, and support for one another and our communities, we offer an exciting, rewarding environment.

Getting Hired Here

  • “Firm gets back to candidates very quickly. At the analyst level, looking for individuals with interest in economics who are comfortable doing both quantitative and qualitative work that ranges from analyzing big data and programming to reviewing legal documents and writing reports.”
  • “Ideal candidate is someone who has a clear grasp of economic theory and can communicate clearly with clients.”
  • “The ideal candidate has great attention to detail and is motivated/hardworking. There is a large emphasis placed on finding people who are kind and willing to help others, since the firm culture is highly collaborative.”
  • “The ideal candidate is someone who can think through new problems in a conversational way that has a basic knowledge of economics and statistics.”
  • “The ideal candidate would show well-roundedness, yet clear experience with leadership, data manipulation, and economics. These experiences do not have to be with known companies or offices (mine were not) but it can certainly help.”

Perks & Benefits

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