Beyond Putnam's commitment and expertise to revolutionizing life sciences consulting is a determination to “bring out the best in each other.” Putnam’s commitment to development makes it a great choice for anybody looking to acquire practical knowledge of the industry by training alongside an enthusiastic team of like minded professionals while delivering exceptional value to clients.

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501-1,000 Employees


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Vault Consulting 50


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Value, Pricing, & Access Strategy


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Boston, MA (HQ)


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Emily Healey - Talent Acquisition Director

Vault Verdict

As a well-known, respected firm within the life sciences sector, Putnam appears to be in a strong position heading into the uncharted waters of 2023. Of course, operating within a sector that is as close to recession-proof as it’s possible to be helps, but Putnam’s status is built on years of success, with the added cushion of the backing of a larger organization behind it.

All of which translates to a group of consultants who are seeking to make some serious headway—both individually and as a collective—this year and beyond. To help in that regard, Putnam offers a well-thought-out onboarding and training program, with regular promotion opportunities to boot. Sprinkle on a compensation package that is at or close to the top of the market for the sector, and you h...

About the Company

Putnam, an Inizio Advisory company, is a premier strategic consulting partner for pharmaceutical and life science companies, serving a range of biopharmaceutical, diagnostics, medtech, and private equity/venture capital clients. For more than 30 years, the firm has helped clients solve their most complex challenges across the patient journey. The firm is comprised of 550+ team members on three continents.

Putnam prides itself on serving leaders in the life sciences industry, including the top 20 global pharmaceutical companies. The firm provides a full suite of advisory service expertise combined with scientific and technical capabilities across strategic and therapeutic areas, ,  helping their clients build value and make better decisions. The firm operates based on its core values of collaboration, excellence, ingenuity, gri...

Employee Reviews

  • “Consultants are not just a number, while we are growing there is still a perception of ‘everyone knows everyone’ and the staffing process is highly personal. You feel like you have control and a clear view of your progression at the firm.”

  • “Extreme depth of knowledge in healthcare and life sciences, coupled with a wide range of strategic expertise, spanning all the way from technical M&A diligence to pricing and contracting approaches. We are true thought partners to some of our clients' most important strategic decisions.”

  • “I think it really is the culture of Putnam. Everyone is incredibly intelligent and hard-working, but everyone is also really enjoyable to be around. We have fun, and enjoy each other's company, while also learning a ton from each other throughout our cases.”

  • “Putnam has been in the industry since the late 80s, so we have had the opportunity to watch the healthcare industry grow and have made some really strong client relationships in the process. For instance, the company will refer to client representatives by first name and has a solid understanding of what type of outputs these clients typically anticipate. I think a lot of healthcare consultancies have been founded more recently (i.e. the last 10 years) in response to the booming biotech/healthcare industry and thus many experience growing pains. On the other hand, because Putnam has been in the game for quite some time, I think there are more grounded expectations of our employees.”

  • “The people that work at Putnam are extremely driven. I really like that everyone comes from very different backgrounds such as different majors or academic paths, different geographic locations, and different life experiences. Especially when working in a team, it is really useful to have unique viewpoints. The value is created in combining different beliefs, thoughts and ideas to make something great for the client.”

Why Work Here

Putnam is a premier strategy consulting firm serving biopharmaceutical, diagnostics, medtech, and private equity / venture capital clients. For over 30 years, we have provided objective, high impact strategic advice and analytical services, helping to support clients in crucial business decisions at all stages of the product and franchise lifecycle. We are proudly part of Inizio Advisory, an ecosystem of healthcare advisory businesses offering the finest depth of expertise you need, all under one roof.

Getting Hired Here

  • “All of my interviews were within one week, which worked well for me. What they were looking for was a highly self-motivated individual, who could manage their time well and had a positive outlook.”

  • “I think the interview process seemed pretty standard for consulting. The firm recruited from my university which made the process seem somewhat more personal. I don't think the firm is looking for a particular academic background in terms of school attended or major which I really admire. For instance, colleagues in my starting class range from business school backgrounds to former pre-meds which highlights Putnam's prioritization of character.”

  • “Interview process is very straightforward - 2 rounds, case and behavioral, a behavioral interview with a partner, and a final Q&A session. Callback was quick and communication was very open with the recruiter. I believe Putnam is searching for smart, driven, eager individuals who are willing to work hard, have a diverse background (relevant experience is a plus), can think strategically and outside the box, and have strong teamwork skills while also exhibiting strong leadership skills.”

  • “There is no feedback when a candidate fails an interview and the response from the recruitment team is very slow, making candidates wait for weeks for a response, when this is unnecessary. The interviews themselves are very personal and friendly especially compared to other companies. This reflects the culture of Putnam as an approachable firm with open employees.”

  • “Very smooth, non-intimidating but rigorous interview process. Ideal candidate: Ability to clearly structure and solve problems; life science knowledge preferred but not required; able to communicate and collaborate effectively in a team.”

Perks & Benefits

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