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BakerHostetler’s culture reflects its Midwest roots—professional, yet warm and welcoming. Associates are also treated to strong mentorship and transparent leadership. The cutting-edge “IncuBaker” team is one sign of the firm’s commitment to innovation, especially in helping clients navigate the intersection of digital business, emerging technologies, and the law.

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Total No. Attorneys (2024)

1K - 1.5K


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Vault Law 100


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No. of Summer Associates (2023)

40 total (34 2Ls; 6 1Ls)


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Vault Verdict

BakerHostetler may have a similar name as many other firms, but associates know this firm stands out from the rest. Proud of its midwestern roots, BakerHostetler has a strong U.S. presence from coast to coast, employing over 1,000 attorneys committed to providing the highest level of client service. The firm wants lawyers who are not pretentious and will fit into the friendly, social, and collaborative culture. Partners at BakerHostetler treat associates well, from assisting with career advancement to the development of associates' skills to respecting associates' lives outside of the office. Associates feel they have autonomy in when and where they work and can manage their own workloads and ask for assistance if they have too much on their plate. Work assignments are sub...

About the Firm

BakerHostetler is home to over 1,000 lawyers across 17 offices throughout the U.S. The firm maintains the requisite laundry list of BigCorp clients, as well as a small yet respectable lobbying practice. 

A Little Investment

BakerHostetler was founded in 1916 on the strength of a $1,500 investment by three lawyers in Cleveland. The firm has long been active in the political world, with namesake Newton Baker serving as a Secretary of War during World War I. A few years later, BakerHostetler attorneys represented private utility companies in their nearly 20-year fight against New Deal legislation that authorized the creation of massive public power projects. BakerHostetler lawyers later went on to advise a number of key players in the Watergate and Iran-Contra scandals. Today, t...

Associate Reviews

  • “We are a tight knit group. The attorneys support each other consistently, in both professional endeavors, and on a personal level. The atmosphere in the office is extremely pleasant. We often socialize with one another after work, but there are only a few select firm-sponsored events throughout the year. I think the relationships between the attorneys in the office are strong and organic.”
  • “I would say the best way to put it is that the halls of BakerHostetler are filled with good, friendly people. The attorneys here are very smart and motivated, but remain friendly—which is why people stay at this firm much longer than they do at other firms.”
  • “The firm's Midwest roots are apparent in firm culture, and provide for a very pleasant and unpretentious atmosphere. Colleagues are supportive of one another, and the firm fosters a very collaborative working environment. Staff and lawyers have congenial relationships.”
  • “The firm has a friendly and collaborative culture. The associates, counsel, and partners I have worked with are friendly on both a personal and professional level, which is something I appreciate, and makes in-office work more appealing in a hybrid environment. Upper-level associates and partners typically have an open-door policy when available, allowing for collaboration and development for younger associates.”

Why Work Here

Diversity at BakerHostetler

"BakerHostetler is firmly committed to an inclusive and diverse work environment that actively supports the recruitment, retention and advancement of people of all backgrounds and experiences at all levels of our firm. Under the leadership of our new Chairman, Paul Schmidt, the firm has just unveiled a 5-Year Strategic Plan. An important focus of that Plan is enhancing the firm's I&D initiatives. To help us achieve these goals, we have established a new Diversity Council, composed of partner representatives from our wide-range of..."

Getting Hired Here

  • “Baker cares about having exceptionally talented associates who are willing to do hard work, but who are also willing and eager to learn how to be a lawyer. Law school matters. Grades matter. Work experience matters. Personality and diversity definitely matter as well. I think if I was interviewing as a first year, I'd encourage folks to be themselves and know who they are. That kind of confidence is something that matters at Baker. A willingness to learn about business development would also be a plus.”
  • “The firm values objective metrics of quality, but I believe that firm also recognizes that the people who most frequently succeed are the people who have a positive outlook, a willingness to work hard, and a genuine interest and enjoyment in the practice of law.”
  • “Strong focus on personality and work ethic, more than specific law school attended. Looks for candidates from diverse backgrounds (as far as work experience). Training has been provided on interviewing.”
  • “The hiring process is very competitive, but fair. The firm truly makes an effort not only to recruit talented attorneys, but also to recruit attorneys who are a cultural fit to a firm that strives for excellence and diversity.”

Perks & Benefits

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