Boies Schiller Flexner is the type of firm where associates toss aside the life vest and dive right in—and lawyers at this litigation powerhouse wouldn’t have it any other way. Litigators looking to roll up their sleeves and learn on the job will feel right at home here.

Firm Stats


Total No. Attorneys (2022)

150 - 250


No. of Partners Named (2022)



Featured Rankings

Vault Law 100


No. of 1st Year Associates Hired (2022)



No. of Summer Associates (2023)

23 total (17 2Ls; 6 1Ls)


Base Salary

1st year: $215,000

Vault Verdict

Associates wanting to engage in high-quality, intense litigation matters early in their careers should start and end their job search with Boies Schiller Flexner. Candidates should have good grades from top law schools, as well as law review and clerkship experience, drive, and intellectual curiosity. Office settings have a collegial feel, and all attorneys and staff are treated as equally important team members. Project teams are staffed leanly, so partners work closely with and respect associates and endow associates with significant responsibility. While the firm lacks official training programs, associates learn on the job and benefit from partner and senior associate guidance. The same—limited training and hands-on learning—applies to lateral hires, many of whom have the adva...

Firm's Response

Boies Schiller Flexner is a firm of internationally recognized trial lawyers, crisis managers, and strategic advisers known for our creative, aggressive, and efficient pursuit of successful outcomes for clients. Our attorneys have an established track record of taking on and winning complex, groundbreaking, and cross-border matters in dive...

About the Firm

Started in 1997, Boies Schiller Flexner LLP is a relative newcomer to the elite firm ranks and has its principal offices in New York; Washington, DC; California; Florida; the United Kingdom; and Milan. As one of the nation’s premier litigation shops, BSF is no stranger to heavy-hitter clients—over the years, the firm’s clients have included American Express, Barclays, Carnival Corporation, CBS, Cherokee Nation, Delta Air Lines, DuPont, Ernst & Young, Goldman Sachs, HSBC, Merck, NASCAR, New York Yankees, NextEra Energy, Philip Morris, SBC Communications (now AT&T), Sony, and SpaceX.

Game Changer

A star litigator at Cravath for 30 years, David Boies knocked heads with the firm when he decided to represent Yankees owner George Steinbrenner in a lawsuit against Major League...

Associate Reviews

  • “Our firm culture is very collegial. Associates are a tight-knit group who get to know each other, form meaningful relationships, and invest in each other's career development and wellness....”
  • “BSF's culture is non-hierarchical, whether that be within cases or across the firm in general. That comes through in our social events and interactions outside of work. We have firm-sponsored social events every month or two. The lawyers and staff interact often in our work, and just casually greet one another in the office.”
  • “The firm treats attorneys as adult professionals. As such, there is no face time requirement or hours requirement. People are in-person and work a lot of hours when it makes sense, but have the freedom and flexibility to do otherwise when that would be better for them. ...”

Diversity at Boies Schiller Flexner LLP

"Boies Schiller Flexner's commitment to diversity, inclusion, and equity is reflected in the strategy it has established for its talent management and professional skills development programs. Recruiting, retaining, and promoting outstanding lawyers from diverse backgrounds, with different experiences and perspectives, enables the Firm to provide its clients with the highest level of representation and best serves the Firm itself. We continue to develop our mentoring program for all attorneys, and in particular are always on the..."

Getting Hired Here

  • “Our firm seeks to hire the brightest and most talented litigators. Excellent academic credentials are a must. Clerkships are valued.”
  • “The firm generally seeks top students from top law schools, but the firm is committed to evaluating candidates holistically.”
  • “The firm definitely values credentials such as a high-ranking law school, high GPA, law review, and clerkships. The firm also looks for people with go-getter attitudes, and those who are intellectually curious. Associates are given a lot of responsibility early on, so when I interview candidates, I am looking for people who can be added to a case, and do not need a lot of hand-holding to get started on research and writing.”

Perks & Benefits

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