As a global giant, Dentons provides a plethora of opportunities for associates to grow in their legal careers. Strong mentorship complements early responsibility, and many associates envision long-term careers at the firm. Dentons has a culture that is supportive and social, where associates work hard but feel their life outside the firm is respected.

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69 total (48 2Ls; 18 1Ls)


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Base salary varies by location.

Vault Verdict

Dentons may be the largest law firm in the world, but it doesn’t dominate from one headquarters. Instead, the firm is polycentric to allow Dentons to provide innovative services to a wide variety of clients across the globe. The firm wants associates who will fit the culture—social, professional, and know how to work as part of a team. Partners are very involved in training and developing associates and genuinely care about associate wellbeing. The hours can be long, but associates are given a lot of control over their workload and can feel safe asking for assistance when their plate is too full. Many offices allow hybrid working schedules, which allows for better associate work-life balance. Compensation at Dentons varies by office location, but associates generally feel they are...

About the Firm

Born of a history of combinations, Dentons is the Pac-Man of law firms. The rapid growth began in 2010, when Chicago’s Sonnenschein Nath & Rosenthal—known for its real estate prowess—and U.K.-based Denton Wilde Sapte joined forces to create SNR Denton. Soon after launching, SNR Denton set its sights on Europe and Canada, courting Salans Hertzfeld & Heilbronn and Fraser Milner Casgrain LLP (FMC). The March 2013 mega-combination of these three firms—SNR Denton, Salans, and FMC—created Dentons. 

The new law firm was immediately one of the world’s largest, with locations in the U.S., Canada, the U.K., continental Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. But the firm wasn’t done. In January 2015, the partners of Dentons and 大成 (pronounced Da-CHUNG)—the largest law firm in China—announced the approval of an histori...

Associate Reviews


  • “The firm's culture is ideal. It is professional but friendly, creating a team-like atmosphere. There are firm sponsored events, lunches, dinners, and periodic gatherings. They help build the atmosphere, but no events are required. There is no pressure to attend if you are unable.”
  • “Everyone in the office is pleasant in the office, and considerate of personal time—aside from hard deadlines and fire drills, weekend emails are rare, and life outside of work is respected.”
  • “Firm culture is excellent; staff and lawyers regularly socialize and interact within the workplace, and many maintain friendships/relationships outside of the workplace. Lawyers of varying levels socialize and interact on a deeper level, which allows a stronger team connection, and better work product.”
  • “I adore Dentons' culture. Everyone is so warm and kind. There is a real effort to get Dentons attorneys and staff of all levels involved in diversity & inclusion trainings and events. I have made some very meaningful friendships with colleagues already. By far and away, one of the best parts of working for Dentons is our culture.”

Diversity at Dentons

"Commitment to diversity and inclusion is a key element of Dentons' strategic plan, and central to who we are and what we do. We believe that diversity and inclusion are essential to the success and strength of our Firm and the quality of our advice to, and representation of, our clients. We are committed to being the leader in diversity and inclusion within our Firm, the legal profession and the communities we serve. We have established a cross-office, cross-disciplinary Diversity and Inclusion Committee whose primary focus is..."

Getting Hired Here


  • “My understanding is that Dentons hires top students from respectable, but non-elite, law schools, rather than unimpressive students from elite law schools.”
  • “Pretty competitive process, as the firm only hires a few new people every year. Usually, only one new associate per capital markets team, and one in litigation. [The] firm looks for well-rounded candidates that would fit within the Dentons culture.”
  • “Candidates need good enough grades to be competitive, but after that, it's primarily about fit. The summer associates hired tend to be a mix of students from T14 schools, and schools with a strong presence in the region.”
  • “Law school attended does not seem to be a huge factor—mostly, the firm looks for intelligent attorneys who can step in, and work on sophisticated matters from day one.”

Perks & Benefits

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