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We believe that Desmarais LLP is the best place to practice high-stakes, technology-related litigation. Whether you are a law student, a recent graduate, or an experienced attorney, our unique combination of small-firm culture and big-firm work provides a terrific environment to learn and grow your practice.  In addition, our unparalleled practice and training programs offer the opportunity for each lawyer to accelerate his or her professional development.

Firm Culture:  Desmarais LLP is a collegial workplace where all employees are treated with respect. We offer an informal, relaxed atmosphere which includes having lunch together every Wednesday and Friday.

No billable hours: Desmarais LLP does not bill by the hour. Our billing arrangements enable greater efficiency and lower costs for our clients, and better lives and better experience for our attorneys.

Training and Development: The firm invests heavily in associate training, Our formal training programs include a mock jury trial program with live witnesses and real juries with workshops leading up to trial day.  We also hold a deposition training program every year.  In addition, virtually every day presents opportunities for informal training, as junior attorneys work closely with more senior attorneys and partners on small teams.  

Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion:  Desmarais LLP is committed to maintaining a workplace that includes and respects different cultures, backgrounds, beliefs and preferences.  The diverse experiences of our attorneys and staff aid us in providing creative and effective representation for our clients’ most challenging cases.  The firm’s Diversity Committee, currently headed by three partners and open to all lawyers who are interested in the issue of diversity, promotes an inclusive work environment and the recruitment of lawyers from diverse backgrounds. The firm also launched it’s inaugural Diversity fellowship in 2024, for applicants who have demonstrated resilience in their path to a career in law, along with academic achievement, in leadership qualities, and excellent writing and interpersonal skills. Our diversity-related initiatives do not stop at the firm’s doors.  Desmarais LLP regularly sponsors student organizations dedicated to diversity-related issues at law schools around the country.  The firm also annually sponsors and participates in the Global Summit organized by ChIPs, which is dedicated to the advancement of women in technology, law, and policy.     

Pro Bono: Desmarais LLP encourages attorneys to contribute their time to pro bono causes. We have a firm pro bono challenge recognizing attorneys who complete 50 or more hours of pro bono work during the calendar year.

We pay more: Desmarais LLP currently offers salaries that exceed the BigLaw market, offers higher-than-market bonuses, and a much more generous benefits package than any of our competition—including fully-paid medical insurance premiums for associates and their dependents.

Early responsibility: Our associates take on real responsibility from the outset, and play key roles in our matters.

We focus on one thing: We are trial lawyers.  Our specific focus on trial of high-stakes cases allows our attorneys to become masters of that trade—with all of its attendant complexity—developing the skills critical to success in that demanding (and fun!) practice area.

Best clients and best cases: We represent blue-chip companies in some of their biggest cases, as well as smaller clients with world-changing technologies.

Well-rounded: We represent both plaintiffs and defendants, which makes our attorneys better at representing either side.

A place for everyone: Some firms hire far more associates every year than they need to sustain and grow their practice. These extra associates provide the personnel cushion necessary for sustaining grueling and unreasonable work environments for junior associates—the vast majority of whom are expected to quit or be fired in the first few years. Desmarais LLP hires associates with the goal of retaining them for the long term, and hires only the right number to support the firm’s continued growth.

Growth: We continue to expand our practices in all offices nationwide.

Bi-coastal: Our New York office is located in the historic Helmsley Building, centrally located in Manhattan just north of Grand Central Terminal. Our San Francisco office is located in the iconic 101 California building, located in the heart of the city’s financial district. Our Washington, D.C. office is located at 1899 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, minutes away from the White House.