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Top-ranked for intellectual property and, with over 700 employees in 11 offices, one of the largest law firms focusing exclusively in the field, Finnegan is well known for its work in patent, trademark, copyright, trade secrets, false advertising, licensing law, and a new privacy practice—and its professionals have quite an impressive array of tech experience. The firm takes training seriously, with extensive formal programming and an emphasis on mentoring. Those seeking a supportive, team-oriented atmosphere will feel at home here.<...

Firm Stats


Total No. Attorneys (2023)

250 - 500


No. of Partners Named (2023)



Featured Rankings

Best Law Firms for Intellectual Property


No. of 1st Year Associates Hired (2023)



No. of Summer Associates (2023)

24 total (16 2Ls; 8 1Ls)


Base Salary

1st year: $215,000

Vault Verdict

If you know that you want to do IP, Finnegan is an undisputed leader and a no-brainer to check out in your job search. A strong technical background is a must, as is generally the case in this space. Despite the difficulty and volume of work, the firm has a strong collegial culture, with regular, well-attended social events. Relations between partners and associates receive glowing reviews, although some associates note a lack of transparency on issues like bonuses. The firm has a billable hour requirement of 2,000, although this is ameliorated by the 100 pro bono and/or Diversity, Equity & Inclusion hours and up to 50 shadowing hours that can count toward this total. Although the firm has a quirky payment schedule—below market pay throughout the year is “trued up” to mark...

Firm's Response

Finnegan values individuals who are smart, hardworking, self-motivated, mature, intellectually curious, and committed to excelling in intellectual property law. Our firm is committed to promoting and strengthening a diverse workplace. We promote a working environment of teamwork, congeniality, and mutual trust, where all employees are trea...

About the Firm

Finnegan is synonymous with intellectual property—a true full-service IP firm with experts in every industry and technology. Considered one of the world’s top intellectual property law firms, Finnegan employs more than 700 people, including more than 300 IP professionals, befitting its role as an IP giant.

IP Vision

Marc Finnegan and Douglas Henderson teamed up in 1965 to open a shop in Washington, DC, that practiced only intellectual property law. The firm’s focus has not changed, although its scope has expanded to cover virtually every aspect of patent, trademark, and copyright law, including counseling, prosecution, licensing, portfolio management, and litigation. Finnegan also represents clients in IP issues relating to advertising, privacy, trade secrets, European patents and trad...

Associate Reviews

  • “Lawyers socialize together daily. We routinely gather outside of work socially once or twice a month.”
  • “Lawyers (and staff) often socialize together. We usually have at least one event a week. I never want for more events; they are plentiful and always well done.”
  • “Both my regional office and the firm as a whole are collegial. My office is friendly between and among staff and attorneys. Our office social events are usually open to staff and attorneys alike, and typically occur at least once a month.”
  • “I am friends with many of the people I work with, and I know this is true of people at all levels at Finnegan. I often go out to dinner or drinks with my attorney class, and with partners and associates generally. This is in both a firm-sponsored capacity and not firm-sponsored.”

Why Work Here

Diversity at Finnegan

"Finnegan Diversity and Inclusion Vision Statement: At Finnegan, we value diversity and are committed to creating and sustaining a culture that promotes inclusion in our interaction with each other and throughout our practice. We recognize that diversity is a key element of our relationships with clients and that it is consistent with our commitment to providing the highest quality legal services for them. We respect and embrace all differences based on culture, nationality, ethnicity, age, gender, physical ability, race,..."

Getting Hired Here

  • “The firm prioritizes technical background (i.e., a STEM degree) quite a bit, as it should. The firm also looks for people committed to an IP practice. Beyond that, the firm seems to prioritize diversity a lot, and then perhaps law school, grades, clerkship, etc.”
  • “Finnegan is looking for smart people, committed to IP, and who would be a good fit.”
  • “I think the firm is looking for people with a strong technical background. Even more, I think the firm looks for people that we can see being team players, and good people to be around during stressful times, such as trial. Outside of that, other factors are considered but are not requirements.”
  • “The firm attends OCIs and Loyola patent law interview program every year and has a diversity program for 1L and 2L summer associates. … We do have many associates from GW, Georgetown, Suffolk, and UC Hastings, because our technical specialists attend night programs in those schools. I think we often look at the candidates’ maturity, passion for IP law, personability, and ability to work in teams.”

Perks & Benefits

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