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Truly a megafirm, Hogan Lovells is home to over 2,800 lawyers working across more than 45 offices. The firm is particularly well known for its privacy work as well as its high-profile pro bono matters. Lawyers who are down to earth and have a strong desire to give back through pro bono will fit well.

Firm Stats


Total No. Attorneys (2024)

2.5K - 3K


No. of Partners Named (2023)



Featured Rankings

Vault Law 100


No. of 1st Year Associates Hired (2023)



No. of Summer Associates (2024)

79 total (69 2Ls; 10 1Ls)


Base Salary

1st year: $225,000

Vault Verdict

With an amazing international presence, expertise in many practice areas, and a strong history in pro bono work, Hogan Lovells has something for everyone. Applicants typically have good grades from T14 or top regional schools, and emphasis is placed on people who would be good to work with. Fit with the firm’s friendly and collaborative culture is important as well, and people at the firm recognize the importance of personal lives. Partners support associates and take an interest in their personal development. Formal trainings are excellent, while partners and senior associates step in with feedback and helpful guidance. The firm could do more to onboard its lateral hires. Associates get a nice range of substantive work, though more challenging work is assigned based on abilities ...

Firm's Response

Is there really a difference between big law firms? Our people say yes. It’s the culture. So what are the hallmarks of Hogan Lovells’ culture?

For one, we offer a vibrant and collaborative network with shared ambition. Join us and you’ll be part of global team that creates valuable solutions for clients around the world, ...

About the Firm

Hogan Lovells is a global megafirm with more than 45 offices in the United States, Europe, Latin America, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. The firm boasts more than 2,800 lawyers, making it one of the largest firms around.

The Making of a Megafirm

Hogan Lovells was formed in 2010 by the merger of DC’s Hogan & Hartson and London’s Lovells. Hogan & Hartson traced its roots to 1904. Established in the Beltway, Hogan & Hartson became known for its government, regulatory, and tax work. London’s Lovells dated back to 1899, when its predecessor firm was established by John Spencer Lovell. The two firms combined in 2010 to become a global powerhouse.

Blazing Trails: Privacy, Healthcare & Mobility 


Associate Reviews

  • “Generally, people are friendly, and the culture is collegial. There's certainly a priority on high-quality work, but also a ‘personal touch’ and concern over individuals' well-being. People do interact through weekly get-togethers, happy hours, group lunches, etc.”
  • “Incredibly friendly, collaborative, and kind. I receive significant amounts of support, training, explanation, and warmth from my colleagues. They care about what my life is like outside of work, and [make] sure that time is protected should I need it. There are not as many firm events as I would like, but there are enough that I know a number of familiar faces outside of my close work friends.”
  • “Partners are professional but warm. Some of the demands of BigLaw are stressful, but the firm puts in effort to make sure associates don't feel like we are alone. And there really does not appear to be a lawyer/staff divide. Even though the lawyers here are some of the most accomplished in the region, there is very little ego.”
  • “People here recognize that our work is important, but that it’s not always the most important thing. We talk about each others’ families, friends, hobbies, and other interests outside of our work. People are generally very kind, don’t take themselves too seriously, and get along well with each other.”

Why Work Here

Diversity at Hogan Lovells

"Overview & Strategy Diversity and inclusion play essential and integral roles in achieving our goals as a global law firm. With over 3,000 lawyers operating out of more than 50 offices in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and the United States, we celebrate the wide range of cultures, backgrounds and histories represented by the people who work at Hogan Lovells. We are proud of our diversity record, particularly our recent achievements in laying the infrastructure to ensure increasing diversity and..."

Getting Hired Here

  • “Our firm obviously focuses on T14 schools, and academics are a given, but a greater emphasis is placed on personality, fit, and collegiality.”
  • “I think law school matters, but the firm does hire quite a few attorneys from local law schools that are not top 14. I think experience and personality are important. The firm participates in a diversity program for 1Ls, which is great. I'm not aware of training.”
  • “The firm hires from a diverse range of law schools, and although a good portion of summers and new associates come from top-ranked schools, the firm is not exclusive, and prioritizes people who work well within a team setting, and are enjoyable to work with.”
  • “Our firm seems to look at culture first, and wants to hire people who fit in with the collegial culture. Apart from that, it is looking for the same things other firms are looking for—fit with the type of work, desire to do BigLaw style work, intelligence, and character. On the whole, the process seems fairly holistic, with personality taking on an important role (as it should).”

Perks & Benefits

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