Holland & Hart has a reputation for being laid-back but goal-oriented, a fitting culture for a Western-states firm. Despite being a “regional” firm, Holland & Hart has a wide-reaching practice, with just under 500 attorneys serving clients worldwide in practice areas ranging from environmental to intellectual property and more. The firm also expects attorneys to contribute significant time each year to pro bono work, and it employs pro bono staff to help make that happen.

Firm Stats


Total No. Attorneys (2021)

250 - 500


No. of Partners Named (2021)



Featured Rankings

Best Law Firms in the Mountain States


No. of 1st Year Associates Hired (2020)



No. of Summer Associates (2021)



Base Salary

1st year: $135,000-$180,000*

Vault Verdict

Holland & Hart is interested in lawyers who fit their culture, which associates describe as laid-back, friendly and respectful, while still being goal-oriented – a fitting depiction of a mountain-states firm. Partners treat associates with respect, and associates feel that many partners genuinely care about their professional development. Substantive, high-quality work is available from the start for associates, and the firm offers both a formal mentoring program and informal mentoring based on both practice area and mutual interests. While work-life balance seems to be important to the firm, and there is not a sense that billing over the required hours is expected, associates note that it has been difficult to achieve a good balance recently due to high volumes of work. T...

About the Firm

Starting as a two-man outfit in the 1940s, Holland & Hart has become one of the largest firms in the Rocky Mountain West. Among its most notable practices are litigation, business law, tax and estates, employment law, IP, and real estate law. 

A Rebel with a Cause

Holland & Hart began in 1947 when former Colorado state legislator Stephen Hart rebelled against what he described as the “very monopolistic, establishment-oriented” old firm culture in Denver where “nobody could expect to become a partner unless he was born into it or married into it,” according to the Colorado Lawyer. After he was denied partnership at a local firm, Hart started his own practice with his friend Josiah Holland. Among Hart's guiding principles for the firm was spu...

Associate Reviews


  • “It is not hierarchical, stuffy, rigid, or formal. It is laid-back, friendly, respectful, supportive, and everyone at least tries to have work-life balance.”
  • “…Day-to-day, people are very friendly and always seem to make time for you. Lawyers and staff seem to have very positive relationships, and one of my favorite things about the firm is how long many of the staff members have been with the firm.”
  • “Holland & Hart has a great culture and values interactions between its lawyers. The culture is laid back, but goal oriented and efficient.”
  • “The firm really cares about the attorneys. Overall, great culture. I would prefer maybe a little more flexibility in terms of working from home on a long-term basis.”

Diversity at Holland & Hart LLP

"Holland & Hart's Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion At Holland & Hart, diversity and inclusion are more than core values — they are critical to our business success. We believe that our diverse range of backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences enhance our ability to serve clients more effectively and with greater creativity and innovation while also making Holland and Hart a better place to work. Significant Awards & Recognition • Best Place to Work for LGBTQ Equality, Human Rights Campaign..."

Getting Hired Here


  • “The firm is looking for people who will be a good cultural fit with the firm in terms of being a team player and seeking work-life balance. [Holland & Hart] is looking for people who really want to stay with the firm. [Holland & Hart] often hires from the Colorado law schools. Diversity is very important to the firm in its hiring process.”
  • “The firm is looking for traditionally competitive candidates, i.e., good schools, good grades, extracurriculars. But it also looks for diverse candidates. …”
  • “They are extremely focused on culture fit.”

Perks & Benefits

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