Associates at Holland & Knight enjoy their work and appreciate their colleagues. The firm is a true pro bono leader, especially when it comes to its work supporting veterans. For those hoping to make partner, the firm provides a realistic pathway. The firm crosses state and national borders, with approximately 2,200 attorneys spread amongst 34 locations. Holland & Knight has a laid-back culture but takes service to the community seriously. 

Firm Stats


Total No. Attorneys (2023)

2K - 2.5K


No. of Partners Named (2023)



Featured Rankings

Vault Law 100


No. of 1st Year Associates Hired (2023)



No. of Summer Associates (2023)

115 total (91 2Ls; 24 1Ls)


Base Salary

Base Salary (2023)

Vault Verdict

Unique in BigLaw with foundations in Florida, Holland & Knight has expanded to become a legal giant worldwide. Candidates with high academic achievement, journal work, work experience, and personalities that fit the firm’s culture typically come from regional law schools. Firm settings are collegial and welcoming, while social activities happen only occasionally because work-life balance is respected. Partners value associates and generally treat them well and as colleagues. Though formal training efforts are lackluster, in-person training and strong mentors make associates feel supported. Lateral hires feel integrated quickly through what they feel are effective training and development arrangements. Work assignments are meaningful and high quality, and associates enjoy o...

About the Firm

A veritable global conglomerate, Holland & Knight complements its fleet of offices in the United States with locations in Algeria, England, Colombia, and Mexico. With a political pedigree and strong Capitol Hill ties, the firm covers dozens of practice areas, from litigation, corporate law, intellectual property, healthcare, and tax to more industry-specific teams.

A Prime Pedigree

Holland & Knight came to be from the combination of the two firms built by Florida practitioners Peter O. Knight and Spessard Holland, with roots dating back to 1889 and 1929, respectively. Present-day Holland & Knight owes much of its success to Chesterfield Smith, who oversaw the combination of Holland and Knight’s practices in 1968 and was the new firm’s first managing partner. Smi...

Associate Reviews

  • “The atmosphere at the firm is congenial and overall welcoming. My office regularly (probably about once a month) has some kind of social or community service event scheduled. My coworkers are generally very kind, and, at worst, perfectly professional.”
  • “Attorneys are very, very smart, and also levelheaded. There's a strong emphasis on collegiality and treating others with generosity. Mentorship is an important value for partners and senior associates. Social events are not too frequent (closer to monthly than weekly), but very well attended.”
  • “In my section, I find that the culture is collegial and respectful. Staff and lawyers interact well. Lawyers do not often socialize together, and there are not many firm-sponsored events, but I think that reflects the fact that most of the office and section prioritize work-life balance and family life.”

Why Work Here

Who We Are

A global law firm with approximately 2,200 lawyers and other professionals spread amongst 34 offices throughout the world, Holland & Knight provides outstanding career opportunities for attorneys at all levels. Our attorneys work collaboratively – drawing upon our depth and breadth of legal experience and industry knowledge – to address clients' needs as effectively and efficiently as possible. A "one-firm" structure means that we work across departments and offices so that we can support the most complex matters at all levels providing comprehensive and value-added service. The hallmark of Holland & Knight's success has always been, and continues to be, legal work of the highest quality, performed by well-prepared lawyers who revere their profession and are devoted to their clients.

Diversity at Holland & Knight LLP

"At Holland & Knight, we seek to further develop an organization and a culture where all talented individuals-including those traditionally underrepresented in the legal profession-can have, and can see, a path to long-term success. We are committed to these efforts because diverse and inclusive teams reflect the world we serve and produce better results for our clients. Most importantly, a diverse and inclusive organization is simply better. LEADERSHIP Our Managing Partner, Steven Sonberg, and Chair of the Directors..."

Getting Hired Here

  • “Far more important than most firms, you need to have a very clear idea as to why H&K, why the particular H&K office, why the particular practice group, and what your goals are. You also need to have the right personality. Most people here are truly kind, and the recruiting team is really focused on trying to filter unkind folks out of the running. I don’t think there are any particular schools we hire from. Local, regional schools and the occasional T14 in locations outside of the major cities seems to be the norm.”
  • “… Our firm seeks out students with excellent credentials w/r/t grades, extracurriculars, work history, etc., but just as importantly, I believe the firm places a premium on hiring candidates who seem like they would be a good fit for the firm's culture.”
  • “The firm seems to hire top students (grades, journal experience, experience before law school) from the local law schools that happen to have their on-campus interview program first, rather than waiting for later schools, although some practice groups run their recruiting differently. Firm does not frequently engage in nationwide recruiting for spots across offices.”

Perks & Benefits

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