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With a Midwestern culture of collegiality and teamwork, Jones Day is among the best of the best in the legal industry. Home to more than 2,400 attorneys in dozens of worldwide offices, clients can call upon vast resources and exceptional legal talent across jurisdictions and practice areas.  Associates love the interesting work, the friendly culture, and the firm’s commitment to pro bono service.  

Firm Stats


Total No. Attorneys (2024)

2.5K - 3K


No. of Partners Named (2023)



Featured Rankings

Vault Law 100


No. of 1st Year Associates Hired (2023)



No. of Summer Associates (2024)

211 total (179 2Ls; 32 1Ls)


Base Salary

1st year: $225,000 / year

Vault Verdict

Jones Day may have begun in the Midwest, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t elite—the firm is often involved in high-profile cases with important and influential clients. To be a part of the Jones Day team, top grades from top schools help, but many regional offices hire from local law school programs. The firm wants associates to be collaborative, congenial, and respectful. Social events are plentiful, and associates appreciate the down-to-earth culture. Jones Day associates work hard but feel the lack of a hard billable hour requirement allows for better work-life balance. Partners at the firm are truly invested in associate growth, as many partners started out as summer associates themselves. Formal reviews are conducted annually, but partners regularly give associates feedback on ...

About the Firm

A heavy hitter with a hand in most major areas of law and an internationally recognized prowess in litigation, Jones Day boasts 40 offices in 16 countries, spread over five continents. The firm’s booming practices include antitrust, appellate litigation, financial markets, international law, IP, labor and employment, M&A, private equity, securities, and securities litigation—to name a handful.

A Worldwide Firm with Midwest Roots

Founded in Cleveland in 1893 by Judge Edwin Blandin and William Lowe Rice, Jones Day made its name by representing Midwestern manufacturers and transportation companies. One of the first firms in the nation to adopt a corporate management structure, Jones Day continued its rise by opening a Washington, DC, office in 1946. The years since the firm’s foun...

Associate Reviews

  • “The firm has a very social culture where attorneys are constantly collaborating and conversing about both work matters and socially. Every new hire has a happy hour to welcome them to the firm, and the younger associates have a group chat where they plan social events every few weeks.”
  • “Wonderful firm culture. Partners are truly interested in associates' careers and future as attorneys. Associates are very social, and attend social events regularly with each other and attorneys outside the firm. Everyone respects each other.”
  • “Everyone is kind to and respectful of each other. When I bring family to events, my wife always comments afterwards that it is impossible to tell who are staff, who are associates, and who are partners. People are just nice.”
  • “The firm's culture is honestly what drew me to lateral here. Everyone is very collegial, and willing to help answer questions. Beyond that, it is easy to see that we truly enjoy one another's company, as people often meet up outside of work regardless of whether there is a planned activity.”

Why Work Here

One Firm Worldwide

Jones Day is a global law firm with more than 2,400 lawyers in 40 offices across five continents. The Firm is distinguished by: a singular tradition of client service; the mutual commitment to, and the seamless collaboration of, a true partnership; formidable legal talent across multiple disciplines and jurisdictions; and shared professional values that focus on client needs.  Our culture of collaboration creates unparalleled opportunities to work with a global, diverse team on complex client matters, serve the community in vital pro bono activities, promote social justice initiatives launched and directed by Firm leadership, advocate for the rule of law around the world, and grow both personally and professionally.

Diversity at Jones Day

"Jones Day’s commitment to diversity is strong and is demonstrated from the ranks of associates through the highest levels of firm leadership. As of December 2022, women make up 42% of our U.S. lawyers—30% of our partnership and 50% of our associates. In the last three years, 19% of the U.S. attorneys admitted to the partnership were diverse and 47% were women. In the United States, 11% of our partners and 22% of our associates are diverse. Over the past two years, 14 lawyers of color have joined the partnership in our U.S. offices."

Getting Hired Here

  • “The firm is looking for team players and people who share the firm's values. The process varies by office, but we are typically looking for top students and leaders. There is not a lot of law school snobbery here, though there are some favored schools, such as Notre Dame and UVA, from which the firm frequently hires. We go through training for on-campus interviewers, and there are certain guidelines that we follow.”
  • “Jones Day looks for competitive and well-rounded candidates who fit in with its Midwestern culture that emphasizes teamwork.”
  • “I think in our office specifically, we look for driven but team-oriented individuals. Good grades and things like law school attended may help, but a good cultural fit is crucial. People who make a point to maintain a positive attitude and outlook are more likely to fit in well at the firm.”
  • “The firm recruits from a variety of schools. In addition to recruiting from elite schools, the firm also hires from less ‘prestigious’ schools that are close to office locations. This is a wonderful strategy, as the firm does not overlook incredibly intelligent, hardworking, and qualified candidates just because they don't have a specific educational background. This makes the firm stronger, and ensures that the offices are filled with people who actually want to be there.”

Perks & Benefits

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