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Among the largest law firms in the world, Mayer Brown does it all. Among its stand-out practice is appellate litigation—through which the firm has argued more than 250 cases before SCOTUS. The firm has a professional atmosphere where lawyers take control of their workload via the free market system. Pro bono work is a hallmark of Mayer Brown, as it was the first major law firm to develop and implement a pro bono strategic plan.

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Total No. Attorneys (2023)

1.5K - 2K


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Vault Law 100


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No. of Summer Associates (2023)

105 total (97 2Ls; 8 1Ls)


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Base Salary (2023)

Vault Verdict

Mayer Brown may have its origins in a fight over a horse, but any vestiges of acrimony are nowhere to be found in this Chicago-native firm, which has retained its friendly Midwestern vibe even as it rose to BigLaw prominence. Associates rave about the firm’s pleasant, professional, and supportive culture, which they say strikes the perfect balance between offering opportunities to socialize while still respecting work-life boundaries. Partners are described as kind, funny, and deeply invested in associate career development, as reflected in a general open-door policy and desire to coach and mentor associates. Management is somewhat opaque, although associates see nothing nefarious in this opacity and in fact, appreciate management’s efforts to improve transparency in recent years....

About the Firm

Mayer Brown is an international law firm with offices across the Americas, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East that employs more than 1,600 lawyers—among the 25 largest law firm workforces in the world. Known for its top-flight corporate, finance, and appellate work, Mayer Brown serves many of the world’s largest companies, including a significant proportion of the Fortune 100, FTSE 100, CAC 40, DAX, Hang Seng, and Nikkei index companies, and more than half of the world’s largest banks.

I’ve Got to See a Man About a Horse

It was the summer of 1879, and a Chicago court was hearing arguments about the sale of a lame horse. The defendant was David Mayer, a wealthy local merchant. His attorney was his younger brother, Levy, who had just graduated from Yale Law School. The Mayers lost. They a...

Associate Reviews

  • “Lawyers have great relationships with staff, and are very inclusive of staff. Lawyers are very friendly in the office, but the firm is very family-friendly, so not much time is spent socializing outside of work other than during the summer program.”
  • “I am a big fan of the office culture here. Although there is less after-hours socializing than at my prior firm, the people here are generally more respectful of work-life balance and are genuinely nice people to work with (across levels).”
  • “Our culture is one of my favorite things about my firm. We socialize when we are able, both at firm-sponsored activities and after-hour/social events. The day-to-day atmosphere is pleasant and comfortable, despite the stress that this line of work can create. The lawyers and staff interact very often and have friendly relationships.”
  • “The firm has a relaxed and understanding social atmosphere. There is no pressure to be super involved, be in the office every day, or attend events. People in my group recognize that others have families and want to be home at a certain time, or want to take X number of hours offline. Nonetheless, there are still opportunities to get involved, socialize, and spend time with your group.”

Why Work Here

Mayer Brown is a distinctively global law firm, uniquely positioned to advise the world’s leading companies and financial institutions on their most complex deals and disputes.

With extensive reach across four continents, we are the only integrated law firm in the world with approximately 200 lawyers in each of the world’s three largest financial centers—New York, London and Hong Kong—the backbone of the global economy.

We have deep experience in high-stakes litigation and complex transactions across industry sectors, including our signature strength, the global financial services industry.


Diversity at Mayer Brown LLP

"Mayer Brown is a place where the ability to grow and prosper is contingent only upon each individual's ability and commitment, a place where we celebrate and transcend our differences, and a place where our shared values of excellence and teamwork unite us. Diversity broadens our knowledge and skills and equips us to respond to the challenges of serving a clientele that spans the globe. We view the attainment of diversity at all levels of our organization as crucial to-and a natural result of-building a cohesive, successful law..."

Getting Hired Here

  • “Mayer Brown definitely has feeder schools, and grades will get you in the door. After that, the recruiting committee considers the full picture of the candidate, including diversity. We have been very successful the last few years with having a highly diverse summer class, which, as a member of the recruiting committee, is something I am proud of.”
  • “Mayer Brown's hiring process is extremely competitive for litigators and very competitive for other practice areas. We are looking for diverse candidates, but we will not hire candidates whom we do not feel will be successful at the firm. The firm strongly considers law school attended—candidates from less competitive law schools generally (but not always) need stellar grades and journal experience. …”
  • “Mayer Brown looks for candidates from top law schools with top grades, but emphasis is also placed on interests, personalities, and work experience. The firm takes an interest in ‘fit’ as part of maintaining its culture. Feeder schools are generally the top schools in NYC and the T14 for the New York office, and similarly for other major markets. The firm provides general guidelines for conducting interviews, but encourages interviewers to get to know candidates in a more organic way than with a laundry list of questions.”

Perks & Benefits

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