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Pillsbury is comprised of genuinely caring people, and associates can take on interesting work from day one. “Super bonuses” are an extra perk for those who go beyond. The BOSS Lab is just one of the firm’s impressive commitments to diversity.

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Total No. Attorneys (2024)

500 - 750


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50 total (40 2Ls; 10 1Ls)


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Vault Verdict

Exceptional professional opportunities await associates at Pillsbury, as do “super bonuses” and a lot of hours they can devote to pro bono work. Hiring criteria include strong academic backgrounds, work experience, diversity, and personality. It’s important that associates are able to blend in with the collaborative, friendly office settings and will work well as part of a team. Partners take a genuine interest in associates and their development, providing guidance and feedback—in fact, the firm shines in the mentorship that more-senior attorneys provide to newer associates. On the other hand, formal training seems rather standard, and reports are mixed on how well lateral hires are integrated into the firm. Work assignments are challenging, and associates are able to take on mor...

About the Firm

With 700 attorneys and 19 offices around the world, Pillsbury is truly a global firm. But with six of its offices based in the Golden State, the firm still maintains the laid-back vibes of its West Coast roots.

Giants Combined

Pillsbury’s beginnings date back to Elihu Root, who opened a practice in New York in 1868, which would later become Winthrop, Stimson, Putnam & Roberts. Root is known for his work as Secretary of State and Secretary of War in the early 1900s.

Meanwhile, in 1874, Evans S. Pillsbury opened a practice on the West Coast. Pillsbury represented a local banking and delivery service called Wells Fargo and a nascent California oil outfit that would eventually become Chevron, two clients still represented by the firm today.

In 20...

Associate Reviews

  • “I would say the day-to-day atmosphere is very collegial and friendly. People really do enjoy working together! Not much after-hours socializing, but we do have a happy hour on Wednesdays. What I most appreciate about the firm is that the staff (not only the attorneys) are invited to the happy hours, and are treated with respect and appreciation.”
  • “The firm values work-life balance as much as a BigLaw office can. Attorneys are sociable, friendly, and very smart, but unassuming. People don't take themselves too seriously, and generally work to support each other. There is trust between junior and senior attorneys. There is a team-centric attitude, rather than an every-man-for-himself one.”
  • “Pillsbury strikes a great balance in hiring bright, hard-working, and sophisticated attorneys who don't take themselves too seriously, and have no ‘airs’ about themselves. Attorneys (at all levels) are generally keen to mentor, share, and help. There are an appropriate number of social events (weekly catered lunches, holiday events, and special events throughout the year) that help foster a friendly environment without feeling overwhelming.”
  • “Lawyers and staff treat one another with dignity and respect. It is a collegial and collaborative culture, and a happy place to work.”

Why Work Here

Every day at Pillsbury, we work on ground-breaking, high-profile matters for some of the world’s most innovative companies from start-ups to the Fortune 100. Every day, we confront some of the most meaningful legal challenges of our time. Every day, we take on pro bono cases that change lives and frame important social issues.

This is a place where initiative is valued and rewarded, where self-starters become team players, and where continual growth—both professional and personal—underscores every successful career.

At the Office

At Pillsbury, we work hard—as hard as any group of lawyers, anywhere. But “group” is the key word. In any Pillsbury office, it is collaboration that defines our work lives.

While each of our offices has its own personality, we believe our core values and basic procedures are shared firmwide. The aim is to ensure that lawyers from different practice areas—and from all levels—can pool their efforts in providing the best service to our clients.

Diversity at Pillsbury

"For change to be truly significant and for innovation to have lasting impact, a firm must constantly renew its investment and commitment to the advancement of women, diverse and historically underrepresented attorneys. Most imperative is the continued reaffirmation, importance and focus on diversity from top leadership. In 2018, Firm Chair, David Dekker, stated in an address to all partners, that such an investment, in addition to being the "right thing to do ethically and morally," also "yields a stronger pool of talent at every level,..."

Getting Hired Here

  • “I think something that makes us unique in hiring is that we're not just looking for academically strong people, but we also prioritize making sure they are a culture fit. We want people who are smart and work hard, but also are social and interact comfortably and well with not just clients but each other. And along the lines, people who are respectful to everyone.”
  • “The firm is very competitive, and seeks candidates with a strong academic background and a personality fit. The firm actively seeks diverse candidates as well. I don't think there is training for interviewers, but I found the interview process to be very conversational and sociable.”
  • “Pillsbury is looking for diverse candidates, work experience is a strong plus, and wants people who are humane and kind. The firm participates in all of the standard recruitment activities for top law schools, has additional diversity recruitment programs at other schools, and is always open to recommendations from any schools.”
  • “All of the usual things help in the first instance (grades, experience, diversity, involvement, etc.), and those things are important, but a major consideration deciding factor is personality. Our office has had a lot of luck in the past few years attracting really cool candidates who seem to have good priorities, and who are smart, authentic, and thoughtful. And then, major bonus points for people willing to be in the band or play on the basketball team.”

Perks & Benefits

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