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Robinson Bradshaw is a growing firm of more than 170 attorneys, with four offices operating in and around North Carolina. Prospective associates are expected to work primarily from one of the firm’s offices, but those who do have a strong chance of making partner so long as they stick around (and that is what they want for their career). With no billable-hour requirement and with lockstep compensation, it’s no wonder Robinson Bradshaw stands out in career outlook, hours, satisfaction, associate/partner relations, and firm culture....

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Total No. Attorneys (2023)

150 - 250


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Best Law Firms in the South Atlantic


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No. of Summer Associates (2023)

15 total (12 2Ls; 3 1Ls)


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Base Salary (2024)

Vault Verdict

If a truly hours-blind culture appeals to you and you’re willing to accept a somewhat lower salary in exchange for it, Robinson Bradshaw may be your dream firm. Associates rave about the friendly culture and describe their relationships with partners as excellent, respectful, and transparent. They say the hours-blind ethos of the firm is real, and they universally appreciate it, to the extent that virtually no one complains about receiving a (relatively) lower salary in exchange for it. Work is described as generalist in nature and suited to associate experience levels, and the firm’s technology fully enables remote work and generates no real issues. While the firm has relatively few formal wellness offerings, the genuine commitment to work-life balance overall does more for most ...

About the Firm

Robinson Bradshaw is a growing, full-service firm based in North Carolina. The firm has more than 170 attorneys practicing in a broad range of practice areas in four offices across the Carolinas: Raleigh, Charlotte, and Research Triangle in North Carolina, and Rock Hill in South Carolina. Robinson Bradshaw represents clients all over the country and emphasizes collaboration and collegiality amongst its attorneys by, among other things, not tying compensation to any individual attorney’s billable hours or originations.

Southern Roots

Robinson Bradshaw has been an active pillar of the North Carolina legal community since its founding in 1960. The firm operates as a full-service, corporate-focused law firm, and as it has grown, it has chosen to focus on strengthening and deepening its tie...

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Associate Reviews

  • “This firm is made up of smart, funny, and mostly incredibly kind individuals. There are all sorts of relationships within the firm, ranging from best friends to polite colleagues. I socialize with coworkers frequently and spend at least a solid chunk of every in-office day catching up with my fellow attorneys and staff.”
  • “The firm's culture is very collegial. The lawyers often interact socially, and events tend to feel more like gatherings with friends than work events. The lawyers and staff also interact well together.”
  • “The firm culture is built on the idea that lawyers can be friends as well as coworkers. Attorneys regularly eat together at large tables in the office cafe. Most of the attorneys have lifelong friendships with other Robinson Bradshaw attorneys outside the office. Every year the firm has a weekend retreat where the attorneys connect and decompress.”
  • “I absolutely love the firm culture here. The firm routinely emphasizes the importance of personal relationships. My friends here are some of my closest friends and confidants. Attorneys socialize after hours frequently. I've gone on trips with others from the firm, and that is not an uncommon experience.”

Diversity at Robinson, Bradshaw & Hinson, P.A.

"In 2019, Robinson Bradshaw experienced significant achievements and engagements related to diversity and inclusion. Highlights of these include: -The firm welcomed back Stephen Young of Insight Education Systems to present "MicroInequities Part 2: Sustaining the Impact" to all attorneys. In March of 2017, Stephen presented "MicroInequities: Managing Unconscious Bias" to the firm. Presently, a subcommittee of the firm's Diversity and Inclusion Committee is working on an internal follow up presentation. -The firm..."

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