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In addition to its offices in Connecticut, Robinson+Cole has offices in New York, Boston, Philadelphia, and other cities throughout the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, California, and Florida. At more than 250 lawyers strong, the firm serves clients ranging from startups to Fortune 50 companies. Associates here are incredibly happy, which is clear from the firm’s placement in 17 of Vault’s quality of life rankings—including being named #17 Best Law Firm to Work For Overall. The firm is also a leader in tech, wellness, diversity, and transpare...

Firm Stats


Total No. Attorneys (2024)

250 - 500


No. of Partners Named (2024)



Featured Rankings

Best Law Firms for Diversity


No. of 1st Year Associates Hired (2023)



No. of Summer Associates (2024)

9 total (7 2Ls; 2 1Ls)


Base Salary

All offices1st year: $160,000-$180,000

Vault Verdict

Associates interested in working at Robinson+Cole should have a good answer for “Why Robinson+Cole” (and why that office location) ready to go. The firm’s culture is highly rated, with associates praising the firm’s efforts to encourage camaraderie and collegiality through events both during and outside of work hours. Associates credit partners with a high level of genuine interest in their careers, and report that the firm is quite transparent. The firm’s reasonable billable hour requirement of 1,800 is paired with flexibility through a hybrid schedule. Compensation is felt to be fair, especially in light of the firm’s commitment to work-life balance. Associates are happy with the level of substantive work they receive, and report that the firm’s technology and IT support are fan...

Firm's Response

Robinson+Cole is proud to be ranked #17 in the Best Law Firms to Work For category as part of Vault’s Law Firm Quality of Life Rankings, #5 for Technology & Innovation, #6 for Transparency and Diversity for Women, #7 for Wellness, #8 for Firm Culture and Integration of Laterals & Clerks, and #10 in Best Law Firms for Divers...

About the Firm

Robinson+Cole was founded in 1845 in Connecticut, and while the firm still has deep roots there, its presence now spans the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, California, and Florida. With more than 250 lawyers among its ranks, Robinson+Cole is an AmLaw 200 firm with clients ranging from startups to Fortune 50 companies.

From Trials to Transactions

Attorneys at Robinson+Cole work in 11 main practice areas, advising clients across a range of industries including construction, education, energy, exempt organizations, financial institutions, food and beverage, healthcare, insurance, IP & technology, manufacturing, coastal ports, real estate, and telecommunication. The firm also pens various blogs relating to some of these areas.

Close to one third of the firm’s lawyers pra...

Associate Reviews

  • “Lawyers and staff regularly interact, both formally through work arrangements and informally through regular hallway chatter or social events. Office-wide lunches are a weekly occurrence and are widely attended. After-hours events, such as trivia nights, are also well attended. The interactions between folks are always pleasant and happy.”
  • “The firm makes a concerted effort to coordinate opportunities for attorneys to socialize both in and out of the office. The firm also encourages attorneys to network with each other, and build relationships inside and outside of your practice group, and even inside and outside of your office location (i.e., network with attorneys from other offices and other practice groups).”
  • “Lawyers socialize together at firm-organized events, and sometimes on their own, with happy hours. Lawyers and staff that come into the office are generally very friendly and social.”
  • “Very respectful of everyone's time, but also genuinely social. Feels like everyone is going the extra mile to ensure as smooth an experience as possible for colleagues, clients, and staff. Expectations are high but not crushing, and there's a lot of attention paid to balance and wellness.”

Why Work Here


Robinson+Cole is an AmLaw 200 law firm established 175 years ago with a deeply-rooted culture of collaboration, civility and inclusion. We share a rich history and culture of community involvement, pro bono service and dedication to client service. Our past shapes and informs  us, but it does not define us. The connections we have today and will make tomorrow keep us focused on the future, helping to refine our methods while devising new ways to best serve clients and maintain a competitive advantage in the legal profession.

More than ever, a modern law firm must be flexible and creative to thrive. This is not simply adapting to the changing legal landscape; it is taking the initiative to ensure mutually-rewarding business relationships with our clients. Alternative fee arrangements are a regular fixture of the conversation between law firms and their clients, and warrant consideration even when they may not fit a particular set of circumstances. We welcome those conversations.


Diversity at Robinson+Cole

"We welcome an inclusive work environment where the diverse backgrounds of all of our lawyers and other professionals are respected and each individual is empowered to succeed. To that end, we are Mansfield Rule 5.0 Certified and have signed on to Diversity Lab’s Mansfield Rule 6.0, a year-long certification process that runs from July to June, developed to increase the representation of diverse lawyers in leadership positions by broadening the pool of women, lawyers of color, lawyers with disabilities, and LGBTQ++ lawyers..."

Getting Hired Here

  • “After initial resume considerations, one of the biggest factors is whether the candidate indicates intention to stay with the firm (or at least in geographic area for office where they are interviewing) for the foreseeable future. The firm doesn't have a tendency to hire just to fill an immediate need, or hire a large pool of associates only expecting a handful to make partner. The firm tends to hire with longevity in mind.”
  • “The firm is very selective about how and when we hire. It appears methodical about hiring high-quality attorneys who are seeking a stable and long-term career at R+C. The hiring process is similar to most firms, and I am unaware of any specific ‘feeder schools,’ but do believe that much of the recruiting is performed at schools situated along the East Coast or Mid-Atlantic region, especially in cities where we have offices located.”
  • “I think the firm looks for candidates who came from competitive law schools and who have ties to the geographic location of the office they apply for. The firm also strongly considers personality and who they think would fit in with the culture.”
  • “The firm uses a holistic approach. It values education, work experience, and personality, but focuses more on perfect fit rather than a particular credential. Generally, the lawyers are smart, pleasant, and hard working.”

Perks & Benefits

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