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One of the most elite corporate law firms, Simpson Thacher is a dream firm for anyone pursuing a career in corporate law. The firm boasts a supportive environment that highly values professional development—including through its robust training program STB Ready—and mentoring, which is fostered by those at the top.

Firm Stats


Total No. Attorneys (2023)

1K - 1.5K


No. of Partners Named (2023)



Featured Rankings

Vault Law 100


No. of 1st Year Associates Hired (2023)



No. of Summer Associates (2023)

222 total (198 2Ls; 241Ls)


Base Salary

1st year: $225,000

Vault Verdict

Associates come to Simpson Thacher for many reasons, including its people, opportunities to engage in high-quality work, and maybe even the freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. The hiring process focuses on well-rounded people who will fit in with the rest of the firm, along with law school attended, grades, activities, and work experience. Firm settings are friendly and supportive, and employees socialize together but not to the detriment of family or vacation time. Partners treat associates well and support their development, and associates learn through formal training programs like STBReady (for first years), hands-on guidance, and assigned associate and partner mentors. Laterals and clerks appreciate integration efforts, especially those from practice groups and deal teams. ...

About the Firm

A Wall Street institution, Simpson Thacher houses elite teams in M&A, banking, capital markets, private equity, and litigation. With more than 1,000 lawyers across 11 global offices, Simpson Thacher has long held its spot among the most elite law firms in the world.

Hear Them Roar

In 1884, three Columbia Law grads—John Woodruff Simpson, Thomas Thacher, and William Milo Barnum—hung a shingle in lower Manhattan. It didn’t take them long to leave their mark in the history books, jumping right into the railroad reorganizations of the 1880s and having a hand in some of the most important deals relating to U.S. infrastructure—for example, advising none other than General Electric as it set up power and light companies, setting up the American Locomotive Company, and structuring the A...

Associate Reviews

  • “Lawyers spend much time together both at firm-sponsored events and on our own. I get together with lawyers from my firm at least once a week. The atmosphere is very pleasant and everyone is focused on being respectful, polite, and enjoyable to be around.”
  • “Everyone is friendly and genuinely seems to enjoy spending time with their coworkers. People work hard, but when they have the time, they attend social events. Something that has really impressed me is that everyone seems to respect vacation time and try their best to make sure you can enjoy your time off and not have to worry about work.”
  • “The firm has a very congenial culture where everyone aims to help rather than hinder each other. Lawyers are very friendly to staff and vice versa. Firm employees socialize both in frequent firm-sponsored happy hours/events and on their own time in the evenings or on the weekends.”
  • “Lawyers socialize some, but expect that you have a life outside of the office. Everyone is very kind, even when working ridiculous hours under pressure.”

Why Work Here

"STB offers a great work environment. Despite the long hours that come with the caliber of work that we handle, partners and associates are able to maintain a cordial and pleasant atmosphere. STB also offers great learning opportunities and has greatly improved its training for associates."

Diversity at Simpson Thacher

"The firm views diversity as one of our greatest strengths, as stated in our diversity mission statement: "Simpson Thacher & Bartlett LLP believes that the diversity of our attorneys is vital to our continuing ability to provide the highest quality legal services to our clients in the global community we serve. In order to maintain and build on our present success we must recruit, retain, mentor, develop, and promote outstanding individuals from diverse backgrounds, who bring to the practice of law a variety of perspectives, experiences and..."

Getting Hired Here

  • “STB definitely emphasizes personality fit when hiring. While your law school and grades are, of course, important, I think it comes down to whether you would be a good fit for the office. We have a wide range of law schools represented in our class and varying backgrounds with regards to work experience, age, and law school activities.”
  • “It seems like they look for people from good law schools, grades, and some of those typical law school ‘success’ factors, but at least in my office, they also look for people who are normal and have lives outside of work (hobbies, families, non-legal interests).”
  • “Collegial, smart, hard worker. Feeder schools would be the usual T20, although there may be some slight differences based on office location.”
  • “I think the firm looks for well-rounded and interesting individuals. I think grades are important but not sufficient. It's important to be motivated, adventurous, interesting, and the kind of person others would want to work with.”

Perks & Benefits

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