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From M&A to tax, Skadden is a legal powerhouse and mainstay among the most prestigious firms in Vault’s Top 100 ranking. Skadden lawyers are a social bunch who value teamwork and mentorship, while also diving headfirst into complex matters. From New York to Shanghai, the Skadden name is worldwide, with approximately 1,700 attorneys across eight U.S. offices and 13 international offices. Exit opportunities are endless for Skadden attorneys, due to the firm’s strong alumni network and prestigious name. The firm’s commitment to &l...

Firm Stats


Total No. Attorneys (2024)

1.5K - 2K


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Featured Rankings

Vault Law 100


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No. of Summer Associates (2024)

203 total (156 2Ls; 47 1Ls)


Base Salary

Base Salary (2024)

Vault Verdict

If you want to work at Skadden, excellent grades and law school prestige aren’t the only attributes the firm is looking for—Skadden wants good people who would make good colleagues and uses the hiring process to find candidates that are a good fit. The firm’s culture is heavy on socialization, with many firm-sponsored events, including a weekly happy hour and an all-attorney lunch. Partners at Skadden are transparent about firm performance and finances, though associates would appreciate more insight into the decision-making process behind promotions and firm policies. Associates feel supported by most partners and tout senior attorneys who take the time to teach young associates the ropes and report that their work is substantive—often above their level—and adds value to their te...

About the Firm

Skadden is one of the most profitable and well-known law firms in the world. It was the first law firm to report $1 billion in annual revenue, now an industry brass ring. While the firm may be best known for its M&A prowess, it is an all-star across practice areas, boasting an army of nearly 1,700 lawyers around the globe.

If the Shoe Fits

Skadden was launched in 1948 by the trio Marshall Skadden, Les Arps, and John Slate. Unlike many of the white shoe firms, Skadden wasn’t afraid to jump into proxy-fight work during the ’50s and ’60s, which set the stage for the hostile takeovers the firm handled in later years. Much of Skadden’s ethos can be attributed to Joe Flom, who started at Skadden six months after its 1948 founding. Flom participated in most of the major M&A de...

Associate Reviews

  • “There is a firm-sponsored happy hour in the office every Wednesday, and we have [an] all-attorney lunch on Thursdays. The culture is professional, friendly, and polite. People are kind to each other, and lawyers and staff interact on a regular basis. There is not a culture of heavily socializing after hours.”
  • “The culture is collegial and friendly…Lawyers and staff are respectful to one another, and lawyers seem to be very good about expressing appreciation for the work done by staff. Lawyers are also supportive of staff members in times of personal crisis and go out of their way to provide support while also ensuring coverage at work for the affected staff member.”
  • “There is some socialization, but that is just icing on the cake. The real culture is the ethic of hard work and picking up the slack that means every person is a critical part of the team—and treated like it.”
  • “People socialize a lot within their class years both inside and outside of the firm. Certain practice groups also socialize in the office within their deal teams (e.g., getting lunch with your whole deal team). The common areas like the cafeteria and coffee bar always have good energy, and people are very friendly and interact often.”

Why Work Here

The key to Skadden’s success is the strength of our team globally. We are committed to hiring, developing and empowering high-performing attorneys whose diverse backgrounds, perspectives and experiences provide an important advantage in our ability to deliver innovative solutions to our clients. We invite you to learn more about opportunities at our firm for law students and graduates.

Diversity at Skadden

"Skadden's commitment to foster a diverse and inclusive environment is fundamental to our firm's values. Our global diversity and inclusion (D&I) mission is to hire, develop and empower highly performing attorneys whose diverse backgrounds, perspectives and experiences provide an important advantage in our ability to deliver excellent service and innovative solutions to our clients. During the 2L hiring season each year, we conduct on-campus interviews or résumé collections at more than three dozen U.S. law schools or..."

Getting Hired Here

  • “Skadden is looking for associates who are collegial, bright, and confident enough to take initiative on their matters. I think being a team player is much more important to partners here than being a superstar.”
  • “I think the firm is looking for smart people that are enthusiastic about the work that they do but don't take themselves too seriously. I like to say that people at Skadden are ‘normal,’ which I mean in the best way, in that they are smart, sociable, and nice to be around. We're not looking for gunners and robots.”
  • “Once you get to the interview stage, it is all about personality. Skadden definitely has a personality type that they hire, and it's a great environment to be in. There are definitely ‘feeder’ schools—but a wide variety of law schools are represented in each summer class.”
  • “The firm devotes an incredible amount of resources to its hiring process. They care about the quality of individuals at the firm. The firm not only cares about ability, intelligence, and work ethic but also personal characteristics so that the work environment is a positive one.”

Perks & Benefits

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