New York-based Stroock has four offices strategically located across the country to serve its clients on a full range of legal matters. The firm is a trusted advisor to the financial services and investment communities and has a special focus in financial restructuring, real estate, corporate, private funds and asset management, and litigation/enforcement. The firm takes pride in its diversity efforts, including affinity group and mandatory implicit bias training.

Firm Stats


Total No. Attorneys (2022)

150 - 250


No. of Partners Named (2022)



No. of 1st Year Associates Hired (2021)



No. of Summer Associates (2022)

10 total (9 2Ls; 1 1Ls)


Base Salary

All offices:1st year: $215,000


No. of U.S. Offices


Vault Verdict

Stroock’s hiring decisions often come down to personality and whether a candidate demonstrates motivation and respect. The firm has a friendly culture, but how much socializing occurs varies by practice group. Associates feel that partners are respectful and willing to mentor, but while reviews provide transparent, honest feedback, they note that transparency in other areas is lacking—especially as to promotions. Associates report some issues with work distribution, but the firm employs workflow coordinators to help. The billable-hours requirement for a bonus is 2,000 hours, which includes up to 200 hours of pro bono and other non-billables, and associates are generally satisfied with compensation. Most assigned work is substantive and level-appropriate, though small teams mean bo...

About the Firm

Stroock is multidisciplinary law firm known for nearly 145 years as an advisor to the financial services and investment communities, and for its special focus in financial restructuring, real estate, corporate, private funds and asset management, and litigation/enforcement.

Big Brother, Little Brother

Stroock began with a Platzek: New York University Law graduate M. Warley Platzek opened a practice in New York City in 1876. He was joined by Columbia Law grad Moses J. Stroock and fellow NYU-er Paul M. Herzog. Much of the firm's early success stemmed from Stroock's connections to New York's political elite. A Tammany Hall insider, Stroock was eventually appointed to the state's Supreme Court. The firm's second Stroock, Moses' younger brother Sol M. Stroock, came o...

Associate Reviews


  • “Very friendly; each practice group has a sub-culture as well. Lots of events, pre- and during COVID. Lawyers and staff interact well.”
  • “Positive environment. People are generally welcoming and glad to help you or get to know you. People socialize at the level they are comfortable with.”
  • “Associates socialize within their group and, to a smaller extent, outside their group. Most attorneys are social, friendly, and happy to talk to each other. The firm sponsors events, but they are infrequent. Associate events also feel strictly budgeted. For example, the firm will offer wine and beer in a renovated conference room but rarely will organize an associate happy hour at a nearby bar or restaurant to create a space to socialize outside the office.”
  • “I think Stroock has excelled at maintaining a strong and cohesive culture even through the COVID pandemic. Little things such as weekly emails from firm management that touch on timely topics and are encouraging in tone are appreciated. The effort is clearly being made."

Why Work Here

Why Work Here?

Stroock is a place where talent is cultivated, creativity and drive are rewarded, and careers are built. It’s a place where training and mentoring take center stage, DEI initiatives are prioritized, and opportunities abound. With exceptional lawyers, high standards, and a well-earned “Big Law” reputation, we’re also known for our entrepreneurial approach and close-knit culture.

Diversity at Stroock & Stroock & Lavan LLP

"We believe that a diverse and inclusive workplace is essential to providing the highest quality legal services and maximizing opportunities for personal and professional development. We focus both on the career goals of our lawyers, through our Mentor Program and ongoing in-house training programs, and the broader community, through our pro bono efforts and the work of our Affinity Groups. Our commitment can be seen in our participation in internship programs that introduce inner-city youth to the legal profession, and our participation in..."

Getting Hired Here


  • “The firm looks for candidates that can take ownership of assignments. This can mean, depending on the assignment, going beyond exactly what was asked for. I believe the firm is fairly typical in what it factors into its hiring decisions, although I think it is less stringent on what law school was attended than some other firms. The firm has extensive training for those interviewing potential candidates, particularly those interviewing law school students for summer associate positions.”
  • “Initial hiring occurs through OCI at law schools, with recruiting mostly coming from New York law schools (NYU, Fordham, Brooklyn). Focus is put on school attended, grades, journals, [and] work experience. We receive extensive materials to prepare us for interviewing candidates.”
  • “I believe the competitiveness is typical of law firm hiring in New York, an excellent law school and good grades are bare minimums. I wouldn't say journal experience, a clerkship, or prior work experience beyond your 1L summer is necessary, as I had none of those things. Personality is a major factor, as I think Stroock, as with all firms, see a wide range of people who on paper are qualified for the job, and decisions often come down to, ‘Would I want to work with this person?’ A good personality can overcome any other flaws in your resume on any day.”
  • “Stroock seeks the optimal blend of intelligent and motivated candidates, as well as those that fit the Stroock culture of inclusion and respect.

Perks & Benefits

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